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Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Minor

Intrigued by the complexities of human behavior? Embark on an enlightening journey within UWA’s undergraduate Psychology (BA/BS) degree program, where you’ll delve into the intricacies of human reasoning and uncover what drives individuals. With a student-focused approach, this program aims to equip you with a profound understanding of human behavior and functioning. Throughout your studies, you’ll receive comprehensive training in experimental methodology and statistical analysis, developing crucial research and analytical skills essential for a successful career in psychology. 

One of the program’s greatest strengths lies in its hands-on learning opportunities. As you assist faculty members with their research, you’ll gain invaluable experience in conducting studies, analyzing data and refining your writing and presentation abilities. The program also offers exciting opportunities to present your independent research projects at regional and national conferences, allowing you to showcase your findings and further enhance your expertise.  

The Psychology degree program covers a wide array of topics, including History and Systems, Statistics, Research Methodology, Social Behavior, Human Development, Personality Theory, Abnormal Psychology, Health Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Pathology and more. These diverse areas of study provide a comprehensive foundation to explore various career paths within the dynamic field of psychology, whether in counseling, research, education or other related domains. Prepare to unveil the depths of human behavior and contribute to the ever-evolving field of psychology with our transformative degree program.   

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Program Facts

Program Format

On Campus, Online

Academic Term

Spring, Summer and Fall semesters

Number of Credits

120 hours

Academic Calendars

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Sample Courses

PY205 Fundamentals of Psychological Research

3 Credits

Introduction to writing and the evaluation of psychological research. Prerequisites: PY100 or PY103.  

PY305 History and Systems 

3 Credits

Examination of the historical evolution of modern psychology and the resulting conceptual systems. Prerequisites: PY100 or PY103. 

PY370 Statistics for the Social Sciences  

3 Credits

Basic statistical methods for analyzing data in the social sciences. Emphasis on describing distributions, sampling, measures of association and hypothesis testing. Prerequisites: PY100 or PY103 and MH113. 

Career Outlook

The Psychology (BA/BS) degree program opens doors to a diverse range of fields and industries for graduates. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of human behavior from multiple perspectives, including physiology, health, intergroup interaction, environment, sex/gender and personality, our graduates are well-equipped to pursue various career paths. Many of our alumni find success in business, marketing, human resources, healthcare, criminal justice, and data analysis, utilizing their expertise to contribute valuable insights in these domains.  

Additionally, the degree qualifies graduates for more traditional roles such as psychological researcher, professor, counselor and clinician, empowering them to make a meaningful impact on individuals’ lives. Beyond these options, our students often continue their education in Master’s programs in counseling and experimental psychology or pursue doctoral programs in clinical or experimental psychology, as well as other related fields. The knowledge gained in research methodology and statistical concepts also proves advantageous in industry and health-related professions, providing our graduates with a diverse range of exciting career opportunities. 

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