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Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Minor

Embrace the study of human interaction and societal dynamics with the Sociology Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science degree program at the University of West Alabama (UWA). Uncover the social norms that shape our lives and explore the constructs that drive communities to thrive. This undergraduate program offers three distinct tracks of study, including Traditional, Criminal Justice and Community Health tracks.  

Throughout the program, students develop hands-on research skills, mastering survey construction, data collection and statistical programming. With guidance from experienced faculty, students complete independent research projects and have the unique chance to present their findings at conferences across the Alabama/Mississippi area and at regional or national levels, gaining valuable exposure and recognition. 

The Sociology degree program stands out with its focus on personalized attention and one-on-one mentoring opportunities. While the core curriculum aligns with other similar programs, the diverse elective offerings and special topics courses set it apart, enabling students to delve into areas of particular interest. Moreover, the program emphasizes research collaboration, providing students with valuable opportunities to assist faculty members in their research endeavors. This hands-on involvement offers a deeper understanding of research methodologies and nurtures critical research skills, distinguishing the program and preparing graduates for success in the dynamic fields of sociology, criminal justice and social work. 

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Program Facts

Program Format

On Campus

Academic Term

Spring, Summer and Fall semesters

Number of Credits

120 hours

Academic Calendars

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Sample Courses

SY100 Principles of Sociology 

3 Credits

Basic concepts, methods and theory of sociological analysis. Examination of social structure, groups, culture, socialization, deviant behavior, stratification, race relations, population. 

SY312 Race and Ethic Relations  

3 Credits

Analysis of race and ethnicity from the sociological perspective. This course examines race and ethnicity as cultural and structural constructs, emphasizing the social processes which create, maintain and challenge categoric inequalities in society. Topics include racial and ethnic identity, racial stratification, immigration, prejudice and racism, institutional discrimination, social policy and social movements. Prerequisite: SY200. 

SY381 Introduction to Criminology 

3 Credits

Significance of the crime problem, sources of existing crime statistics, theories of criminal behavior, types of crime and elements of criminal law. Prerequisite: SY200.  

Career Outlook

The Sociology (BA/BS) degree program offers a promising career outlook, with graduates entering diverse fields and industries. With a strong emphasis on community and social service occupations, many find fulfilling roles in the nonprofit sector, making positive impacts on society. Additionally, graduates explore opportunities in business, education, research, government and the criminal justice system, broadening their horizons and applying their sociological expertise to address various societal challenges. Graduates are also prepared for graduate school work in sociology and social work and for law school. 

The program equips students with immediately applicable skills, such as research and scientific literacy, enabling them to conduct meaningful investigations and analyze complex social issues. Emphasizing the development of strong oral and written communication skills, empowers graduates to effectively convey their findings and insights to diverse audiences in a real-world setting, making them well-prepared for a successful and impactful career.


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