Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning 

The primary purpose of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning is to conduct a comprehensive program of data collecting, analysis and reporting and university-wide assessment to support strategic planning and institutional effectiveness. These processes enhance the University’s mission of providing quality academic and non-academic programs, services and activities for its students.  


Bliss Adkison, M.B.A. 
Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning 
The University of West Alabama 
Station 18 
Livingston, AL 35470 
Phone: (205) 652-3912 

Dee Ann Andrews 
The University of West Alabama 
Station 18 
Livingston, AL  35470 
Phone: (205) 652-3547 

Graduation Rates

Graduation rates represent the number of students that complete a degree program in a specific timeframe. They are reported by cohorts for 6 year completions, 5 year completions, and 4 year completions. 

Fact Book 

The Office of Retention and Institutional Research is responsible for a comprehensive program of data collection, analysis, and reporting for the University community. The office also prepares both routine and special research reports for the administration, faculty and staff, and provides assistance to faculty and staff in their research efforts. 
The Fact Book is a statistical profile of the University of West Alabama. The information contained in the Fact Book includes enrollment figures and trends, student body demographics, faculty demographics, financial aid, and other useful data. All information provided through the Fact Book is census-date data rather than real-time data. 
For feedback or to request specific information you were unable to locate on this site, please submit a work order (for the UWA Community) at the Helpdesk or email Dr. Angel Jowers at if you are outside of the UWA Community. 

Detailed Enrollment Data 

Detailed enrollment data consists of information on freshmen enrollment trends; enrollment by gender for the past 10 years; on campus, online and combined enrollment totals as well as information on new students and residents vs. non-residents. Most information is broken down into gender and full/part-time status of students. 

Student Totals by College 

The information contained on these pages is a break down of students by class and race for each college for a specific timeframe.