Formal Attire, Cap and Gown 

Regalia is the ceremonial attire you will wear during the Commencement ceremony. Find all the details about ordering your Regalia in person or online here. Once Commencement is over, your regalia is yours to keep! 

UWA Grad Fair 

The Grad Fair, hosted by the UWA Bookstore, is an event where you can order your Regalia. Once you’ve submitted your Application for Degree, the Grad Fair dates are sent your way in your mailed Commencement letter as well as via email. 

Ordering Your Regalia 

You must order your regalia by the assigned deadline to ensure you receive it in time for the Commencement ceremony. These deadlines can be found in your commencement communication via email and mail. 

Commencement Attire 

Commencement is a formal occasion, and as such, there is a formal dress code in place for graduates. When dressing for this event, please adhere to the following guidelines: 

Attire Harmony: Select attire that complements the academic regalia. Opt for dark-colored shoes and clothing that harmonize with the regalia’s formality. 

Women’s Attire: Female graduates are advised to choose appropriate dresses or pantsuits. Avoid jewelry that dangles or creates noise. Opt for flat shoes or wedges for comfortable movement. 

Men’s Attire: Male graduates should wear dark slacks, dark ties, and dark shoes and socks. Refrain from wearing jewelry that dangles or makes noise. 

Mortarboard Placement: Ensure that the mortarboard (graduation cap) is positioned parallel to the floor. The tassel should be draped on the left side. 

Regalia Fit and Gown Presentation: Prior to the event, check the academic regalia for proper fit. It’s essential that the gown hangs smoothly and without wrinkles. Make any necessary adjustments to achieve a neat appearance. 

By adhering to these guidelines, you’ll contribute to the formal atmosphere of the commencement ceremony. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated. 

The decoration of Caps is not allowed for the ceremony. Students will be asked to remove their decorated caps. 

Honor Cords and Stoles 

Only academic honor stoles, hoods, cords, and medallions approved by the Commencement Committee (see list below) may be worn during the Commencement ceremonies. 

Alpha Chi Blue Key Kappa Delta Pi Omicron Delta Kappa Pinnacle 
Alpha Epsilon Delta Cardinal Key Kappa Mu Epsilon Phi Kappa Phi Sigma Beta Delta 
Alpha Psi Omega Chi Alpha Sigma Lambda Pi Eta Phi Alpha Theta Sigma Tau Delta 
Alpha Upsilon Alpha Delta Mu Delta Lambda Sigma Pro-Certified Scholars Upsilon Pi Epsilon 
Beta Beta Beta Iota Tau Alpha Order of Omega Psi Chi UWA Scholar Athlete 

The wearing of stoles from fraternities and sororities is prohibited as students cross the stage to accept their diplomas. These stoles may be worn for ZAP photos following commencement. 

Honors at Graduation (as quoted from the undergraduate catalog): 

At graduation, special recognition is given to baccalaureate candidates who have quality-point ratios of 3.50 or higher as determined by dividing the number of quality points earned by the number of semester hours attempted. These students graduated with honors according to the following scale: 

  • Summa cum laude — a quality point ratio of 3.90 or higher 
  • Magna cum laude — a quality point ratio of 3.75, but less than 3.90 
  • Cum laude — a quality point ratio of 3.50, but less than 3.75 

A transfer student may be graduated “with honors” only if he/she has two semesters of work in residence at UWA and has at least a 3.50 average (1) in all work taken in residence at UWA and (2) in the combination of work taken here and accepted from other institutions. If these two computations place the student at two different levels of honors, as outlined above, he/she will graduate according to the lower of the two. 

Bringing Your Belongings 

When preparing for the ceremony, remember to minimize what you bring along. Valuables should be locked in your vehicle or you can ask a guest to hold larger items. Keep in mind that there is no storage space, and bags or purses don’t match the regalia. Make sure your shoes are comfortable for walking around campus. Have spare bobby pins and safety pins on hand for securing your mortarboard, tassels and regalia hoods. 

Graduates or Guests requiring ADA Accommodations or Assistance for the ceremony or other events should email, to make arrangements.