TRIO SSS (Student Support Services)

The TRIO SSS Scholars Program is dedicated to aiding limited-income, first-generation and disabled college students in their educational journey at The University of West Alabama. By offering an integrated suite of academic support services, the program ensures their persistence and successful graduation. Through targeted workshops and classes, students develop essential study skills, while peer tutoring assists in mastering course materials. Additionally, personalized academic and personal counseling nurtures confidence and career and graduate exploration activities broaden horizons. The SSS Scholars Program is equally committed to enhancing the program’s operational environment, ultimately contributing to the overall success of its students. 


For students who do not meet the eligibility criteria for Student Support Services, alternative academic assistance is available through UWA CARES (Center for Achievement, Retention, and Enrichment Services). Situated in Spieth Hall 200, UWA CARES offers a range of valuable resources, including complimentary tutoring, printing services (with a limit of 10 pages daily) and a supervised study hall as well as unrestricted access to desktops, laptops and tablets on a daily basis. 

To request a tutor, please complete the Tutorial Request form. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at

UWA Writing Center

The University of West Alabama Writing Center offers writing assistance to students from any discipline across our campus, and provides an extensive array of services designed to cater to the unique requirements and choices of all our students.