Did I get a refund?

Students can view their refund by logging onto Self-Service.

If you did not receive a refund and feel you should have, please contact the Financial Aid Office at (205) 652-3576 to inquire.

Where was my refund sent?

For student refunds sent via direct deposit, the refund will be sent to the account on file that was entered by the student on Self-Service. If the refund was sent out as a paper check, it was sent to the local mailing address on file. You can view the local address on file by logging onto Self-Service and clicking on User Options then User Profile.

If you have received a paper check but want to set up direct deposit for future refunds, click here.

What do I do if I didn’t get a refund that was issued?

If the refund was sent via direct deposit and the bank account is now closed, the bank will send the funds back to the University. A paper check will then be sent to the local address on file. If you have not received your paper check and we have not emailed you letting you know it was returned as undeliverable, you can request a new check in writing at stuacct@uwa.edu after 10 business days from the issue date of the check.

Students who withdraw after the 60% Point are not required to return federal financial aid funds.  However, all withdrawals, dropped courses, repeated courses, and academic forgiveness are included in calculating Satisfactory Academic Progress

Financial Aid Refund Dates

Summer 2024

May 22
June 6
June 12
June 18
July 3
July 10
July 17
July 24
July 31
These dates are subject to change.