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A degree in the liberal arts is more valued in the job marketplace than ever. Companies and organizations of every type want people who can analyze data, work in creative teams, think critically, interpret messages and communicate ideas. They want contributors who can solve the kinds of problems that can’t be fixed with rote thinking. And that is exactly the kind of person that a degree in one of the liberal arts from UWA can help you become.

Choose the Program That’s Right for You

Turn your passion for reading, creating, writing, researching, human interaction into a professional path with management-level potential. Select from a broad-range of interests, and work closely with expert faculty.  

Commitment Leads to Passion

And passion leads to extraordinary opportunities. 

Liberal arts degrees provide a holistic and well-rounded education that fosters critical thinking, creativity, and adaptability. Rooted in the belief that knowledge transcends narrow boundaries, liberal arts degrees encompass a diverse array of disciplines. Graduates of liberal arts programs emerge with a deep appreciation for the complexities of the human experience and the world around them, equipping them not only with practical skills but also the ability to engage meaningfully in society, solve complex problems, and contribute to a more interconnected and culturally rich global landscape.

Faculty Spotlight

Department Spotlight: Department of Psychology and Sociology

Whether your passion lies in understanding the human mind, advocating for social justice, or exploring the intersections of both, the Department of Psychology and Sociology at UWA is your gateway to a world of knowledge, discovery, and social impact. Join us in illuminating the complexities of human behavior and society.

Alumni and Student Experiences

Hear from previous and current students about their experiences.
UWA President Dr. Ken Tucker presents diploma to graduate

About the College of Liberal Arts

The skills you’ll learn in the College of Liberal Arts the ability to think critically, to solve complex problems, to communicate effectively are growing in demand in almost every industry.  

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Your UWA education is so much more than going to class. Learn more about the countless opportunities to be a part of something great, from service organizations and Greek Life to clubs and much more.

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