Student Budgets

All student budgets are compiled from the same set of cost elements and calculated based on the number of months the student is enrolled. Typically, undergraduate students are budgeted for the fall and spring, which represent nine months of enrollment. Graduate students are budgeted for the entire year or 12 months of enrollment.

Please keep in mind that the COA is an estimate of the costs of attending UWA, and you may see some variances based on your individual situation.  A shorter period of enrollment may result in a lower COA. Award packages may not exceed the COA for the term of enrollment.

On Campus Undergraduate Costs

Coster per Academic Year

Fall and Spring Semester 2023 – 2024


We estimate that books and supplies cost $1,200 each academic year (fall and spring semesters). Students with sufficient financial aid may purchase books from the UWA Book Store and charge their purchases to their student accounts. Online students can charge up to 10 days prior to the first day of classes. Students can charge up to eight (14) days prior to the first day of classes.

Any remaining financial aid funds are disbursed to students on the third day of classes each term. Students can sign up for direct deposit on SelfServices. If you do not sign up, a check will be mailed to your “local mailing address.”

Graduate Student Costs

Cost Per Semester Hour


On-Campus Graduate Fee (per semester hour) in-state$371
On-Campus Doctoral Fee (per semester hour) in-state$520
Online Graduate Fee for tuition (per semester hour)$429
Online Doctoral Fee for tuition (per semester hour)$630
Technology Fee for an online student per session$60

Information Access Fee (required for all graduate and doctoral student)

On-Campus graduate or doctoral student enrolling in four (4) or less semester hours$120
On-Campus graduate or doctoral student enrolling in five (5) or more semester hours$180

**Note: Out-of-state tuition is two times the in-state rate except for the following Mississippi counties which are charged the in-state rate: Clarke, Kemper, Lauderdale, Jasper, Neshoba, Newton, Noxubee and Winston.

International Student Costs

Cost Per Academic Year


Tuition & Fees$20,000$15,000
Living Expenses$7,000-$9,000$7,000-$9,000
Health Expenses$2,100$2,100
Other Costs (Books & Supplies)$1,000$1,000
Approximated Total$30,100$25,100

Actual expenses will vary. This does not include specific course fees. Check with the college of interest to view specific course fees. For a list of specific fees included in this amount, please contact Student Accounts.

Undergraduate and Graduate students out-of-state with dependents pay an additional $3,500 per dependent.

*Masters-level programs.  Doctoral program costs are different. 

Dual Enrollment Student Costs

UWA will annually publish a schedule of costs and fees associated with Dual Enrollment, including deadlines for required payments.

Students are responsible for the cost of tuition, fees, textbooks, and materials/supplies as required in the syllabus of each course.

All courses follow the University of West Alabama Dual Enrollment tuition rate.

While in high school, students participating in UWA Dual Enrollment may receive Dual Enrollment scholarship funding for up to eight (8) classes or until the completion of 26 credit hours, whichever occurs sooner. In order to receive Dual Enrollment scholarships, students must maintain a 3.0 overall academic average or better.

Scholarships are available for up to two (2) classes per student, per semester, during the high school academic year (fall and spring semesters). Students wishing to take classes beyond the scholarship amount, must pay full price.

Dual Enrollment Course Cost

Online Courses

3 Credit Hour Class (most classes)*4 Credit Hour Class (usually includes a lab)*
Regular Tuition ($325 per hour)$975$1,300
Less: Dual Enrollment Scholarship$750$1,000
Net Cost to Student$250$325

UWA Campus

3 Credit Hour Class (most classes)*4 Credit Hour Class (usually includes a lab)*
Regular Tuition ($325 per hour)$975$1,300
Less: Dual Enrollment Scholarship$725$975
Net Cost to Student$225$300

*Tuition and fees are subject to change.

Once a student’s application is processed, UWA will assign each student a UWA email and SelfService account.

After completing the registration process, a student must pay tuition and fees. Students will use their SelfService account to verify the amount owed and to pay by one of the methods listed below. Payments MUST be received by NOON on the payment due date. Students with unpaid charges will be deregistered and may have to pay a late registration fee or risk course cancellation for the term.

Payment can be sent to the address below. Payments should not be sent to the dual enrollment coordinator or school counselor.

UWA Student Accounts Station 2

Livingston, AL 35470

Charges incurred during a semester must be paid before a student can register for another class or term.

Payment Methods

Accepted Methods of Payment:

  • Cash, check, money order, cashier’s check, VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express
  • Online: Students may sign into SelfService to pay. (Log in to TigerHub to access SelfService
  • By phone: Students may contact the Student Accounts Office at 205-652-3542 or email
  • In Person: Students may visit the:

Student Accounts Office

Webb Hall 214

UWA Station 2

Livingston, AL 35470