Faculty participation at Commencement 

Faculty are required, unless otherwise approved, to attend and march at commencement. Faculty participate in both undergraduate and graduate ceremonies and commit to a full day of event activities. 

Marshal Duties 

Marshals are volunteer faculty who help guide students during the ceremony. This activity is an additional service item that can be included in the Faculty Service Report. Marshals commit to a full day of event activities and additional time for commencement practice. 

Duties include but are not limited to:  

  • Assisting students with Regalia hoods and tassels 
  • Managing lines and processions during all ceremonies  
  • Attending Commencement Practices as necessary 
  • Should have a commanding presence and be detail-oriented 

Annual Commencement Honors 

Learn more about the annual students, faculty, and staff award winners from Commencement. Click here for this year’s award information.