What Inspires You? 

 The world is in desperate need of educated people who can think critically, who can solve problems. The world needs you, armed with your unique skills, knowledge and experience. The world needs your passion to do something that matters. 

So, what to study? What field of knowledge should you pursue? Which degree will give you the best chance to make a difference? Maybe you know already. Maybe you have no idea. It’s ok, discovering your unique path is what college is all about. 

At UWA, you’ll explore a variety of options, and with the guidance of your professors, you’ll find the path that best suits your passion, and your enthusiasm for learning will translate into a more meaningful college experience. By pursuing your passions and building the foundation of your career, you will be empowered to shape the world. Are you ready to do something that matters? 

Which Major Is Best for You? 

 There’s no predicting where your degree will take you, but the journey starts here. Knowing your interests and what excites you is the place to begin. And let’s be honest, not everyone knows exactly what field of study they want to pursue when they arrive, and that’s part of the process as well. It’s the reason we offer numerous fields of study that can lead to an almost infinite number of career paths.  

You’ll find that part of the great thing about college is discovering what motivates you, challenges you and rewards you most. Regardless of the major you select, exceptional dedication and performance in any field of study is what leads to career success.  

Online Learning 

Experience our tradition of quality in a flexible academic environment designed for your success. Benefits of UWA Online include personal support from an enrollment counselor and success coach throughout the student’s program, a generous transfer credit policy, and financial aid options to make education affordable. Our online programs include career-focused fields like business, teaching, psychology and counseling. Choose what’s right for you and meet your goals as you learn from expert faculty in a format that fits your life. 

Beyond the Classroom 

Learning is more than classes and lectures, of course. At UWA, you will have many opportunities to gain real-world experience that will give you a clearer understanding of how your degree can be applied to your career. Taking part in internships and being involved in campus-based organizations and clubs will show future employers how interested you are in working and advancing within your chosen field.  

Connect with Peers 

What defines UWA is the tight-knit, family-like community you will find both on campus and within your major. With small class sizes, you will be better able to develop strong ties to both your professors and fellow classmates. Once you graduate, those connections, those relationships you develop during your time here can have a tremendous effect on your future success. 

UWA President’s and Dean’s List honors 

The President’s List gives recognition to undergraduate students with exceptionally high grades for the semester: 

  • have made for the semester a quality-point ratio 3.80 or higher, 
  • completing at least twelve semester hours credit 
  • with no grade lower than a “C” 

The Dean’s List gives recognition to those undergraduate students who: 

  • have made for the semester a quality-point ratio between 3.25 and 3.79, 
  • completing at least twelve semester hours credit 
  • with no grade lower than a “C” 

Learn more about the grading system. 

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 UWA Faculty and Staff

Our faculty and staff bring a wealth of academic and professional experience to our campus. Highly qualified and student-focused, our professors and staff are dedicated to providing quality education, while placing great emphasis on preparing you to be successful in local, national and global communities. Treating students as family, every member of our faculty is deeply interested in giving you the support needed to excel both academically and in life. 

Complaints and Appeals 

Whenever possible, we encourage that incidents are resolved directly with the staff member or department involved. Often, a complaint can be resolved in this way. However, if an informal approach is neither successful nor advisable, the Complaint and Appeals Form should be submitted. 

To submit a complaint, please complete the form linked below. If you wish to submit an anonymous complaint, you may do so without providing your name or any other identifying or contact information. If you do not submit any contact information, no one can contact you for more information or update you on your complaint’s status. By providing correct contact information, staff have the ability to contact you with updates on your concern. 

Complaints and appeals form

Academic Grievances 

Please see the UWA Academic Grievance Policy for more information. 

Information on the NC-SARA Student Complaint Process is included at https://nc-sara.org/student-complaints

GRAD Partnership 

The GRAD Partnership for Advancing Student Success Systems is a new national initiative that encourages and supports communities in efforts to use high-quality student success systems that empower schools to graduate all students ready for the future. Student success systems build on what already exists in schools to help educators, families, and community organizations identify patterns in well-being and learning needs, prioritize the supports and strategies that will have the greatest impact, and continually improve until success is achieved. 

The GRAD Partnership is led by the Everyone Graduates Center at Johns Hopkins University and includes the American Institute of Research, the BARR Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation for College Success, the Schott Foundation, Talent Development, and Rural Schools Collaborative. The project has received funding and support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. For this initiative, organizations partner with schools, districts, and community organizations to create the conditions for shifting the use of evidence-based student success systems from a new practice to an integral part of a school’s work. 

UWA is one of two organizations nationwide that has partnered with Rural Schools Collaborative to bring a rural perspective to the national platform. We are currently working with schools in the Black Belt Region, while North State Together works with schools in Far Northern California. 

UWA’s Partner Schools 

UWA has partnered with ten schools in the Black Belt region for the GRAD Partnership. Partner schools will receive a grant of $10,000 over the course of two years to support their development of high-quality Student Success Systems. We are excited to be working with the following schools: 

  • Amelia Love Johnson School (Thomaston, AL) 
  • Demopolis High School (Demopolis, AL) 
  • Francis Marion School (Marion, AL) 
  • Kemper County High School (De Kalb, MS) 
  • Southeast Lauderdale High School (Meridian, MS) 
  • Sumter Central High School (York, AL) 
  • The University Charter School (Livingston, AL) 
  • Pickens County High School (Reform, AL) 
  • Greensboro High School (Greensboro, AL) 
  • Hale County High School (Moundville, AL)