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In many fields today, an undergraduate degree is just a starting point. To unlock your career’s utmost potential, further education beyond your initial degree may be needed. At UWA, our graduate programs seamlessly blend on campus and online resources, providing a pathway to advance your educational journey. 

The UWA School of Graduate Studies presents a range of programs culminating in masters, education specialists and doctoral degrees. These offerings encompass a spectrum of disciplines, empowering individuals to pursue specialized expertise and elevate their professional trajectories. 

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Our Mission

The mission of the School of Graduate Studies is to provide a platform for advanced academic exploration and professional development. We are committed to fostering a dynamic learning environment that empowers individuals to excel in their chosen fields through rigorous research, innovative thinking and specialized expertise.  

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Choose the Program That’s Right for You

Choose a graduate degree that meets your needs and your schedule. Choose from a range of Master’s, Specialist, Doctoral degrees and Certificates — on campus or online — all of which are designed to give you the tools and skills you need to advance in your career.  

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About the School of Graduate Studies

The UWA School of Graduate Studies serves as a transformative hub for those seeking to elevate their education and career prospects beyond the foundational undergraduate degree. Recognizing the essential role of further education in unlocking one’s full career potential, our graduate programs seamlessly integrate on campus and online resources, offering a flexible pathway to advance your academic journey. 

We provide a comprehensive range of disciplines through our diverse array of programs, enabling individuals to develop specialized expertise, advance their professional trajectories and attain esteemed degrees. 

The School of Graduate Studies works to establish a dynamic platform for advanced academic exploration and professional growth. Our unwavering commitment centers on nurturing an environment that empowers individuals to excel in their chosen fields through rigorous research, innovative thought and specialized knowledge. We endeavor to foster intellectual expansion, stimulate interdisciplinary collaboration, and equip graduates to assume leadership roles, contribute as scholars and excel as practitioners, thereby making meaningful contributions to their local communities and the global society. Through our holistic programs, mentorship and scholarly engagement, our aspiration is to ignite an enduring commitment to lifelong learning, in-depth inquiry and the relentless pursuit of knowledge at the highest echelons. 

Counseling Programs

Information regarding online, graduate level counseling programs offered by the College of Education.

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Alternative Class A Program

The Alt A program is for those individuals who have completed a non-teaching degree and wish to gain teacher certification or for individuals who want to change teaching areas.

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