The Division of Student Affairs consists of the Departments of Admissions, Counseling, Financial Aid, Housing and Residence Life, International Programs, Student Activities, Student Life, Student Support and Upward Bound. We take pride in being advocates for our student population and believe in a total college experience.    

A great deal of what you learn during your college years — and most of your favorite memories — will take place outside the classroom. Our mission is to support and enhance your “out-of-class” experience through programming, student organizations, counseling, campus housing, activities and the services you need with scholarships, financial aid, advisement and orientation.    

You can call on us for advice or direction in any aspect of your college life.  

Retention & Student Advocacy 

A division of Student Affairs, Retention & Student Advocacy is a resource created to help students and potential students solve college-related problems by providing individual attention to each issue. It is important that these problems be handled in a direct, expeditious, and friendly manner. If a student has tried without success to resolve a problem on campus, it’s time to give me a call. 

Role of the Student Advocate 

  • LISTENING to the needs and concerns of the student, potential student, and support system 
  • EDUCATING the students on college policies and procedures spotlight on students 
  • COMMUNICATING with the students to assist in devising a solution or strategy to the problem(s) or finding alternatives 
  • GATHERING information and making inquiries in cooperation with the student 
  • REFERRING the students to the appropriate office or person, or contacting the office or person on the student’s behalf 
  • FOLLOWING up with the student to be sure the situation is resolved, the question is answered, or (s)he has made the necessary contact 
  • RECOMMENDING process or procedural improvements when necessary 

How Student Advocates Help 

A Student Advocate could assist with a variety of things including ADA accommodations, connection to campus resources, help with the resolution of an issue on campus, or any issue that arises and you are just not certain on who to turn to for help. 

Administrative Grievances 

From time to time students may have questions and/or concerns regarding administrative policies or operations. These questions may involve areas such as financial aid, housing, or student life. Generally, there are logical explanations for situations, and usually, most questions can be resolved in an informal manner through discussion with the individual or office involved. In instances where a student raises a question about a non-academic policy or decision (academic matters fall under the Academic Grievance policy), the affected staff member should respond constructively, explaining the situation as carefully as possible and checking to be sure that no error has been made.  

If it is not possible to resolve a matter through discussion, a student may appeal for further consideration by voicing the concern to the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs (VPSA). Again, in most instances, concerns can be resolved through discussion, interaction and possibly intervention on behalf of the VPSA, but when this is not possible, the student can formalize his appeal in writing to the VPSA and ask for consideration by the Student Conduct Committee to resolve the matter officially. This policy is intended to ensure that the student is given fair and equitable consideration in any matter that may arise and complies with state and federal regulations. 

How to Register with the Office of Retention and Student Advocacy and Request Accommodations 

Complete the Request for ADA Accommodations (click here) form and submit documentation. 

Contact the Office of Retention and Student Advocacy