If you are checking on the status of your recommendation for certification, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Login to UWA’s Self Service portal — www.selfservice.uwa.edu
  1. On the left-hand side, choose the Graduation Cap (Academics). 
  1. In the dropdown menu, select Test Summary. 
  1. Under “Other Tests,” look for the following codes: “Applied for ‘A’ Cert” (Master’s Degree) or “Applied for ‘AA’ Cert” (EDS Degree). There will be a date under the Date Taken column; this is the date your application was mailed to the ALSDE. Please note that the typical turnaround time is 6-8 weeks.  

UWA’s Commitment to Educator Effectiveness 

UWA’s College of Education will provide remediation at no cost to education graduates whose performance indicates the need for additional support within the first two years after the beginning valid date of the Professional Educator Certificate, which was issued based on recommendation by UWA.  Additional assistance may be requested by the new employee, the employee’s principal, or the employing superintendent.   

Alternative Certification Approaches 

Alternative approaches to earning a Professional Educator Certificate or a Professional Leadership Certificate are available. More information can be found here.        

Application for Certification 

For your convenience, please note the following information regarding certification. Application for certification is not subject to graduation deadlines


Upon satisfactory completion of requirements for the master’s or education specialist degree (including the State approved professional education requirements and experience) students who initially held or met requirements for an Alabama Class B or A Professional Certificate will qualify for the appropriate Alabama Class A or AA Professional Certificate. Please click here to access the instruction sheet to apply for certification and click here to access the application.  

If you would like to be notified upon receipt of your application, please send a self-addressed post card or envelope with your application. Due to the large number of phone calls our office receives, if you do not include this, we will not be able to tell you the status of your application. 

Application for the Educator Preparation Program 

Undergraduate EdPP Application (Fillable PDF) 

Undergraduate EdPP Interview Form Instructions 

Information for Students in ED 300: Introduction to Teaching and Learning 

Out-of-State Students 

Out-of-state students should check carefully the requirements of their respective states. The appropriate forms may be sent to the Certification Officer by mail or you may send a scanned copy of the form by e-mail to certification@uwa.edu. All mailed forms must be sent to the following address:  

The University of West Alabama 

Attn: Certification Office 

1 College Drive, Station #8 
Livingston, AL 35470 

Verification of Higher Degree 

The Verification of Higher Degree form is only for individuals who already hold a valid Alabama Educator Certificate and have earned an advanced degree.  This form is not for those who have completed an initial certification degree program (undergraduate- Class B and Alternative Class A). 

This form is not for individuals who are seeking certification in another state. 

The applicant must complete this form and it must be signed by the LEA Superintendent.  The form is to be mailed to the Alabama State Department of Education upon completion.  This form does not need to be mailed to UWA’s Teacher Education and Certification Office.  

You are still required to submit an application for certification (see above) for your endorsement to be listed on your teaching certificate.  This step must be completed.  Failure to do so may result in additional testing and/or classes if not done in a timely manner. 

Questions regarding advance pay should be sent to payforadvanceddegrees@alsde.edu

Certification Office Forms 

Click here to access the instructions for submitting the Undergraduate Area of Specialization Form. 

Click here to access the Declaration of Citizenship or National Status of Applicant for Educator Certification Form. 

Click here to access the Verification of Experience form.