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When you’re doing your college research, you undoubtedly have a long list of things to consider. We are excited to offer answers to some of the more common, general questions prospective students ask.

What Is Life Like at UWA?

You’ll never know until you visit. Pictures and videos might give you a feel for things, but you and your family need to experience our vibrant community and beautiful campus in person.

How Can I Find an Admissions Counselor?

We have recruiters across the U.S. and internationally. No matter where you are, we can help you find a UWA champion.

Can I Get Financial Assistance?

If you need help with college costs, UWA offers a number of avenues, including federal and state financial aid, scholarships, grants and more.

What Do UWA Students Have to Say?

Current students and alumni are your best sources regarding what life at UWA is really about. Trust them to give you the inside scoop.

Why UWA?

What do you think about when looking for the right school? Is it academics, campus life, extracurricular activities or what to do with downtime?

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Life at UWA

Your UWA education is so much more than going to class. Learn more about the countless opportunities to be a part of something great, from service organizations and Greek Life to clubs and much more.

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