General Information 

Committee Chair: Dr. Kelly Pivik 
Phone Number: (205) 652-3822 
Address: UWA Station 59 
Livingston, AL 35470 

Committee Email: 
Committee Address: UWA Station 59, Livingston, AL 35470 

Committee Responsibilities 

The Academic Integrity Committee is charged with adjudicating cases of academic dishonesty, such as plagiarism, cheating, assisting in plagiarism or cheating, theft of exams, and other types of academic fraud. A student charged with academic dishonesty may be referred by a faculty member for case review and if the student so chooses, they can request a hearing either in person or by phone. 

The rules governing the actions of this committee can be found here

Procedure for AIC Charges 

  1. Faculty reports incident of academic dishonesty 
  2. A notification is sent to the student about the charges 
  3. A hearing is scheduled to discuss the charges 
  4. A verdict is rendered 
  5. The student receives the verdict 
  6. The student may appeal verdict to Provost 

Committee Actions 

The following punishments are available to the committee if a student is found guilty of academic dishonesty: 

  1. Written Reprimand 
  2. Disciplinary Suspensions for one or more terms 
  3. Expulsion 

Student Actions 

The student is allowed to communicate with the committee before the verdict is rendered by the following methods: 

  1. Emails or letters of explanation 
  2. Email conversation with the committee chair                  
  3. Hearing via telephone 
  4. Hearing in person 


The following list, albeit not exhaustive, provides examples of the types of evidence that may be given to the committee concerning a student’s academic dishonesty: 

  1. report 
  2. Videos 
  3. Video timetable, or a list of the times when infractions occur on a video, which is required on all Academic Dishonesty Incident reports 
  4. Class syllabus 
  5. Test copy 
  6. Email conversation with committee chair 
  7. Blackboard discussions 

Information on the Civil Rights Grievance and Investigation Process can be viewed here