“When we embrace the fact that there is strength in our differences, we will be able to reaffirm our commitment to unity and equality.” 

UWA President, Dr. Ken Tucker. Read his full statement here.  

The University of West Alabama embraces diversity and recognizes our responsibility to foster an open, welcoming environment where students, faculty and staff of all backgrounds and experiences can collaboratively learn, work and serve. We value the academic, social and broader community benefits that arise from a diverse campus and are committed to equity, inclusion and accountability.   

Diversity enriches our university community and is instrumental to our institutional success and fulfillment of the University’s mission. 

Black History Month 2024 Events

2024 Young Artist Competition

The UWA Office of Diversity and Inclusion is proud to host a Young Artist Competition during the month of February to promote the 2024 National Theme for Black History Month, African Americans and the Arts. The 2024 theme celebrates a dynamic culture that has spread worldwide in the arts, music, literature, and film. The competition provides an incredible opportunity for artists to use their talent to showcase the beauty, diversity, history, and culture of African Americans through art.