UWA’s Collegiate Licensing Program

The University of West Alabama’s trademarks are licensed through CLC. Through the collegiate licensing program, the University maintains ownership of its various marks and identifiers in a way that helps ensure the integrity of its brand. The program also insures that a portion of any profits derived from the use of UWA logos and marks benefits the institution.

A trademark is a word, name, phrase, symbol or any combination thereof that identifies and distinguishes goods or services of one party from those of others.

A trademark is a brand name. Rights in trademarks arise as a result of the use of the marks in commerce to identify the source or origin of goods and services. In addition, a trademark remains the property of the owner as long as the owner continues to use it properly and protects its authenticity as a trademark.

Any mark, name, logo, symbol, nickname, abbreviation, word, mascot, slogan, uniform insignia or landmark that is associated with the University of West Alabama and is distinguishable from any other university, team or organization may qualify as a trademark.

Any individual or company that desires to a UWA trademarks/logo on products or services sold in the marketplace, whether wholesale, retail, or online must be licensed. Goods produced for internal consumption (promotional, departmental use, giveaway, etc.) require a restricted license and must follow the same approval process.

UWA will not license activity which it believes would disparage the University or any of its trademarks, or would be libelous, slanderous, scandalous, offensive, and vulgar or constitute an unfair trade practice, or otherwise reflect negatively on the University.

CLC License Type Quick Reference

Licensing FAQ

Does all artwork have to be submitted for approval?

Yes. All art designs must be submitted by the vendor to CLC for approval by the UWA Licensing Program prior to products being produced. The vendor is responsible for submitting the design to CLC through its channels identified in the licensing approval process. Essentially, there is no extra effort required by University personnel other than checking to see if the vendor holds a UWA license or informing a vendor that the UWA is licensed by CLC.

If I am a student or employee at UWA, do I need to ask permission to use a trademark?

Yes. All uses of the school’s trademarks on merchandise require approval through the licensing program. It is important for UWA to protect the trademarks to help maintain their value.

If the product is not going to be resold, does it have to be produced by a licensed vendor?

Yes. All items bearing the UWA name or marks must be produced by a licensed vendor whether they are for resale or promotional use. Goods produced for internal consumption (promotional, give-away, etc.) require a restricted license and are expected to follow the same approval procedures (vendor submits to CLC).

Are any requests exempt from royalties?

Generally, all items are subject to royalties. Any pertinent appeals must be submitted to the Office of Strategic Communications and may be reviewed by the Marketing and Communications Committee.

What does UWA do if unlicensed merchandise is discovered in the marketplace or on campus?

Merchandise produced without authorization may be considered counterfeit or infringing and subject to all available legal remedies and may be confiscated by CLC or their designee.

How can I obtain a list of licensees?

The list of licensees is dynamic. A current list of vendors that have been licensed and previously utilized is available through the Office of Strategic Communications. Any vendor that competes successfully to produce a UWA branded item must become licensed prior to producing the product.

Products purchased for either internal or external distribution with the University name or any UWA logo or mark must follow the licensing process:

Step 1

All vendors MUST be licensed with CLC. In order to obtain a license, vendors may complete the licensing application at https://clc.com/home/get-licensed/.

The requirement to utilize a licensed vendor does not preclude the necessity for adherence to the requirements set forth by the Purchasing Office.

Step 2

For internal orders, which are those ordered by a University department or registered student organization, preapproval for an idea or design must be obtained through the respective department chair or director. Members of the Strategic Communications staff are available to consult with those who need additional assistance.

Step 3

Once you have received internal approval from the appropriate person(s), your design may be submitted to vendors for production through the proper purchasing mechanism.

Step 4

The vendor will submit artwork/design to CLC through its channels for final approval by the UWA Licensing Program.

Additional Information

Printed Items

Most paper items are exempt from the licensing process. However, UWA Printing Services may ensure proper usage of logos, marks, and images on any printed item that will be produced for viewing by external audiences in accordance with the University’s Graphic Standards.

For more information on the University of West Alabama’s trademark licensing program, contact the Office of Strategic Communications by phone at (205) 652-3892.