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A new online degree at the University of West Alabama launching this fall will train dyslexia therapists to work with elementary students who struggle with dyslexia, which is considered the primary cause of reading, writing, and spelling challenges.
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An executive order in January 2023 from Alabama Governor Kay Ivey to address the state’s teacher shortage has helped launch Alabama’s inaugural Teacher Apprenticeship Program. The Alabama Office of Apprenticeship (AOA), the state’s apprenticeship agency, has partnered with the University of West Alabama and three other Alabama universities to implement the pilot program set to begin in fall 2024.
When University of West Alabama history education major Brandon Williamson boards a plane this summer for Cape Town, South Africa, it will be his first flight and first trip out of the country. He is checking both items off his list of goals thanks to the Alpha South Study Abroad Experience and the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program
Growing up, Patrick Evans often played the teacher in a pretend classroom in his home. Although he did his best to educate his two ‘reluctant’ students, Evans, a recent graduate of UWA’s online elementary education program, recalls that his younger brother and his brother’s friend didn’t like his school.
Adonis Williams was in junior high before he experienced what it is like to have a male educator in a classroom. One of only a few male students in the junior and senior blocks studying elementary education on campus at the University of West Alabama, Williams and his classmates are doing their part to break the cycle for the next generation.
Imagine visiting a home in Guatemala or bartering for food in Uganda without ever leaving the country. That’s exactly what 37 UWA students had the opportunity to experience at the simulated rural Global Village and Urban slum at the campus of Southern Institute for Appropriate Technology (SIFAT) in Lineville, Alabama in September.
Dr. Amanda Pendergrass

Upon hearing that she’d won the University of West Alabama’s most prestigious faculty award, Dr. Amanda Pendergrass walked to the lectern and addressed the commencement crowd.

University of West Alabama administrators have spent months planning the launch of a new program, UWA-TEACH, that’s designed to increase the quality of science and math instruction in public schools and the number of qualified teachers in those classrooms.
By the time fall arrives on the University of West Alabama campus, Dr. Reenay Rogers and her College of Education colleagues expect their newest endeavor to be worth the excitement it’s generating this winter.


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