As a University of West Alabama (UWA) alumni or a friend, you know and understand the value of a degree in Biological and Environmental Sciences (BES). You have experienced the personal attention of our faculty and the opportunities we provided for you to have the best educational experience and prepare you for the workforce or graduate schools. Therefore, you are the best spokesperson and ambassador for the department.

The Alumni and Friends Referral Program is your chance to help the department and invite a passionate and motivated student to BES undergraduate programs. Please consider supporting the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences recruit students.

Do you know a high school student interested in attending college?

Do you know a high school student who would like to be a physician, dentist, or veterinarian?

Do you know a high school student who likes nature and the outdoors?

If you do, help these students achieve their goals. The alumni and friends with the most successful referrals will be recognized during homecoming as All-Star Ambassadors by receiving plaques and $200 Amazon gift cards.

Your endorsement matters to our growth and success!

Whom can I refer?

As an alumnus, you can refer your high school kids, relatives, siblings, family friends, co-workers’ children, or members of your place of worship.

How does it work?

  • Complete the referral form indicating your name, email address, graduation year, and major. Also, all required information about the potential student(s) must be completed— no limits on the number of referrals.
  • You will earn one reward token for each referred student who contacts us by email ( for more information about the BES programs within 30 days of your submission.
  • If a prospective referred student(s) visit the UWA campus, you earn ten reward tokens. The tour must be scheduled and attended within three months of your submission. Tour must be scheduled at and verified by the Office of Admissions.
  • When the perspective-referred student(s) enroll in one of the UWA BES undergraduate programs and satisfactorily complete their first term, you will earn 25 reward tokens. The student(s) must enroll within the subsequent academic year for you to be eligible for the payment.

Who can participate?

The referral program is open to all UWA alumni and friends. 

What should I do to help a student enroll and get my rewards?

  • Complete the form before the referred student begins the application process to UWA.  
  • Talk with your referred students about the benefits of studying at UWA BES. You may ask for recruiting materials from Dr. Mustafa Morsy, Professor of Biology ( Points to mention to the referred recruit:
  • Students referred to UWA BES and applying will have their application fee waived
  • Possible full-ride scholarships
  • Study and live in the safest school in Alabama
  • Study and graduate from one of the top 10 Alabama universities
  • Get the education they need at the most affordable university in the southeast
  • Enjoy a small classroom size
  • Conduct research and have field trips
  • Can study abroad
  • Can get paid summer internships
  • Please encourage them to arrange for a visit to UWA BES
  • Encourage them to apply to UWA, and if they need help, direct them to Dr. Mustafa Morsy, Professor of Biology (

Terms and Conditions

  • Each prospect/applicant/student may only have one referrer. In the event of multiple referrers, the referrer with the earliest time-stamped submission will be deemed the referrer, and the others null and void.
  • To be named All-Star Ambassador, at least two referrals must be enrolled in UWA BES programs.
  • The Referred students must be juniors in high school or older and must not have been an applicant at UWA within the past 90 days.
  • UWA employees are not eligible.
  • We reserve the right to change the Referral Program or reward structure without notice.