Workforce Development

The Workforce Development program seeks to assist the community in producing a competitive workforce through regional partnerships that connect business and industry constituents with a qualified and dependable workforce. You can read about the different training opportunities we provide for the West Alabama workforce.

Leadership Training

Our leadership training programs offer the communities we serve and their leaders skills sets to help them become stronger, more confident leaders. In the past, we have used the following programs to achieve this:

  1. Emerging Leadership Training
  2. Customer Service Trainings
  3. Equal Employment Opportunity Trainings
  4. Sponsorships for Your Town Alabama Workshop

Community Development Training

The community development program seeks to empower individuals and groups of people by providing these groups with the skills they need to effect change in their communities. Some examples of assistance include:

  1. Youth Character Building Workshop
  2. Strategic Planning Meetings
  3. Job Readiness Training
  4. Faith-Based Initiatives
  5. FEMA Long Range Recovery Program

Financial Literacy Training

Financial literacy training equips individuals with the basic skills and knowledge to navigate the world of personal banking, credit, and investments with the overall goal of increasing one’s personal net worth. We accomplish this using these initiatives:

  1. Basic Financial Literacy Skills Training
  2. Youth Financial Skills Training
  3. Financial Freshman Seminars

Training for Business and Industry

We educate businesses and employees in ways to stay on the cutting edge of industry practices, ensuring that they remain competitive in their industry. Some of our past initiatives have included:

  1. Procurement Conferences
  2. American Reinvestment and Recovery Act Seminar
  3. QuickBooks Training
  4. Tax Workshops
  5. Business & Technology Workshops
  6. Business Marketing

We also provide, twice a year, a Certified Nursing Assistant program. Space is very limited. For more information, contact Outreach Services or visit our CNA Program page.