One of the University of West Alabama’s goals is to address major educational, social and economic challenges of West Alabama through distance learning, research, service and partnerships with the public and private sectors. One way that UWA meets this goal is through the Division of Outreach Services. 

Our division coordinates a wide range of events, programs and workshops. We also seek to provide resources for the enhancement of government and community leadership, business activity, civic engagement and personal endeavors throughout the West Alabama region. 

We have several different initiatives in place to reach these goals. They are our Small Business Development Center, Workforce Development program, Community and Economic Impact Grants and Youth Development. Most of the outreach we organize falls into these areas. 

Mission Statement 

To assist and help promote the region’s economy through the growth of economic development, workforce development, and partnerships with external organizations. 

Certified Nursing Assistant Program 

The program is aimed at developing a set of employable skills among underemployed and unemployed residents in the West Alabama Region. This program is designed to address the shortage of Nurses and Nursing Assistants in rural communities. help enhance the level of quality healthcare in rural areas, help reduce the number of individuals who depend upon welfare and other social programs and have a positive economic impact on depressed communities. Learn more here

Youth Development 

Our youth development initiatives are vital to our communities. We want to prepare our youth for a successful career because they are the future of West Alabama. 

Workforce Development 

The Workforce Development program seeks to assist the community in producing a competitive workforce through regional partnerships that connect business and industry constituents with a qualified and dependable workforce. The program provides a wide range of training opportunities for the West Alabama workforce.  

The University of West Alabama’s Division of Outreach Services proudly received a Workforce Investment Act (WIA) grant from Gov. Robert Bentley in 2012 in that launched the start of a program known as the Career Pathways for Youth Program: Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA). This program is designed to provide out-of-school youth between the ages of 16-21 the opportunity to start careers in the growing and competitive health care profession.  

The University of West Alabama has implemented a three tiered project to provide training in applied manufacturing technology for unemployed and underemployed TAA impacted adults in the Black Belt Region of West Alabama and other adults.  The Applied Manufacturing Technology Training Program is a comprehensive program including assessments, career paths, individualized basic education programs, manufacturing technology training, experiential learning experiences, support services, and job placement. 

Community Development 

The University of West Alabama’s Community and Economic Impact Grant program solicits proposals from Black Belt cities, towns or communities seeking to achieve genuine economic and/or community growth through professional service grants. These grants are awarded for projects designed to significantly impact communities in the long term. 

Service grants provide services and resources to the grant recipients as opposed to a monetary grant. This means the University might hire outside contractors for the project or utilize the services of faculty, staff or students to complete the project. Any funds transferred take place between the University and the contractor or supplier. Click this link to learn more about the grant process.