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Lost and Found



1/28/2022                                                                                         Alabama Drivers License                                   Cafe

2/18/2022                                                                                        Willie Campbell student ID                              Wallace Hall

2/21/2022                                                                                        Passport (Takanish :Emie)                                 Wallace Hall

3/2/2022                                                                                          White  Apple Pencil                                               Cafe

4/1/2022                                                                                         Cash App Debit Card                                            Cafe

5/7/2022                                                                                        Gold Class Ring (LLMT)                                       Gilbert Parking

5/10/2022                                                                                    Red Apple Iphone with black case                Webb

6/24/22                                                                                         Set of Keys One key w/Red cover                  North hoop

7/15/22                                                                                        Ring                                                                                  Foust Weight Room

9/19/22                                                                                       Black Bookbag with "M" on it                            Gilbert Parking Lot

9/23/22                                                                                      Cash with receipt                                                       University Charter School Entrance

























Camo Backpack with name tag "King"




Wallet - Collin R. Hare 

Riverfall Credit Union debit card - Terrance Calloway 

Regions Debit card - Robert J. Armstrong

Drivers License - Jacob C. Messina






Hughes Gym


Student Union Building


Women's restroom at Stadium











01/02/2020 Visa Cash-App Card Jennifer Williams Student Union Building      
01/14/2020 Cubic Zirconia Bracelet Bibb Graves     
02/17/2020 Black key Fob w/ small key Gilbert lot/Truelove Place    
04/06/2020 Toyota Key fob w/ Rocky key chain UWA Loop    
7/14/2020 Keys (set of 8 with one broken). Keys look like they have been out in the weather for a while. No key chain, just on a ring  Across from Hughes Gym on Pruitt Dr. at the stop sign.    


Toyota Matrix car key Homer Field House    




Stadium Lot





01/22/2019 Roadmaster Ground Assault Bike (yellow, blue, black and white) Cross-Country Field house    
01/22/2019 Bank of America- Noah Dodson-King Truelove Place Parking lot    
02/01/2019 Green & Black Roadmaster Bike SUB    
04/01/2019 Man's Wedding Band Cafe    
05/04/2019 Red/Black Reiko  Case/Wallet  Bibb Graves/Pruitt    
05/23/2019 Phone in Black case SUB @ Fitness Center  Please bring charger to verify/retrieve  
06/17/2019 Gold beaded ring  Lyon Hall    
07/04/2019 Virtual Wallet Card Cynthia Alsabrook Loop    
08/18/2019 BCBS Amanda Edgil Stadium    
08/19/2019 Digital Watch SUB    
8/22/2019 Robertson BC/ Mary F Randall Wallace Auditorium    
8/30/2019 Black High Sierra Bag Wallace    
9/13/2019 Coffee Mug Black/Silver Wallace    
9/19/2019 White ear plug w/case Intramural Field    
9/23/19 Brown Wallet belonging to Fernan Woodson Grilleworks    
9/26/19 Eyeglasses trimmed in blue Webb    
10/09/2019 Regions card- Robert Armstrong Softball complex area    
10/11/19 Black & Gold Watch SUB    
10/16/2019 Blue/Black medical case/pouch SUB    



01/04/2018 Pair of Diamond Earring Pruitt Gym
03/09/2018 Eastern Shore Toyota key chain w/ key trimmed in red Bibb Graves    
04/02/2018 Black cap w/ white Nike logo University Cinema    
04/12/2018 Nissan remote key w/ two keys Selden    
05/16/2018 Pink/Purple Bicycle Lake Road    
05/21/2018 Light Blue Schwinn Mountain Bike Gilbert     
05/21/2018 Black Genesis Mountain Bike Hoover    
07/23/2018 Black/Gray Coin Purse/ EBT card Sandra Amerson McConnell Guesthouse    
07/23/2018 Black headphones Rec Center    
07/23/2018 Brown boot key chain Rec Center    
07/23/2018 Black cross w/ bronze edges Rec Center    
07/23/2018 Fashion Connection VIP club card Rec Center    
07/23/2018 2-faded gold chains  Rec Center    
07/23/2018 Dog chain necklace w/ 2015 Senior Rec Center    
07/23/2018 Purple/black key chain w/ initial P Rec Center    
07/29/2018 Purple/Gray/White Bicycle Boy Scout Lounge    
08/09/2018 Gray Trek Bicycle Behind Field House    
08/12/2018 Gray Baseball cap w/"Nalty's Seasoning " on front Wallace    
08/13/2018 Black cap w/ red UWA logo  University Cinema    


Alabama Credit Union card- Saige Wright




Red Wristband w/ flash drive

Craiger House





Green Dot card-

Physical plant






Gold Bracelet

Tiger's Stadium







Necklace on black string

Hughes Gym




Tennis Court





Class ring w/ G on Blue Stone

Bibb Graves



Black Sport's Watch

Hughes Gym



12/01/2018 RayBan Shades SUB
12/05/2018 Iredell County Library card- Brandi Turner Stickney Parking Lot
12/10/2018 Bank of America Card-Tonya Baggett Baseball Complex








03/15/2017 MS State ball cap   University Cinema
 03/15/2017 I-phone charger   University Cinema
03/15/2017 Bracelet w/ gold cross (if claiming, give more description)   University Cinema
03/15/2017 Costume jewelry x 2 (if claiming, give more description)   University Cinema
04/02/2017 Black Nike Baseball Cap   University Cinema
04/06/2017 Pink Dog Leash   Nature Trail
04/07/2017 Black Eyeglasses   University Cinema
04/12/2017 Nissan Remote car key w/ 2 keys   Selden
04/21/2017 Master card- Randall L. Ward   Cafeteria
04/25/2017 Auburn University class ring   Patterson Parking Lot
04/28/2017 Debit card- Labyron Wells   Crosswalk in front of Library
05/04/2017 Instant Power Jump box   Gilbert Parking Lot
05/16/2017 Small Black diabetic bag w/ supplies   Cafe
06/08/2017 Dark Grey Shimano GXR 1000 Bicycle   Student Union
07/28/2017 BMW key w/ Advantage Realty key ring w/ Janice Blakeney name & number   Barnes and Noble
10/14/2017  Three (3) keys on blue wristlet key ring   Selden
10/29/2017 Black AT&T Flip Phone   Bibb Graves
10/30/2017 Mayflower Book & Tan Sweater   Cafe'


2/25/2016 Wedding ring (describe if claiming)   Lyon Hall 
3/18/2016 NEXT Green bicycle   Behind Cafeteria
3/24/2016 Keys w/ nailclipper & Autozone Reward card   Library
5/31/2016 Fitbit   Loop
6/10/2016 Black Wallet- Roymel Porter    
6/12/2016 Black/White Avalon Bicycle   Near Hoover Apts. in the grass 
7/25/2016 Social Security card- Jordan Tyshun Johnson   North Loop
9/27/2016 Wallet w/ $100 printed on  it    SUB Lobby
  Jan Sport Backpack Grayw/red trim    
  ADP ALine Visa Debit Card- Diamond Carpenter    
11/8/2016 ZTE cell phone if claiming, please bring charger   Lyon Hall
  Apple I-phone (if claiming please bring charger)    
  AT&T Samsung Galaxy cell phone    
  NetSpend Visa Debit Card- Jared Roberts    


11/18/2015 Silver ring (give more description if claiming)   Cafeteria
11/19/2015 T-Mobile Samsung Cell Phone (bring charger if claiming)   Wallace
  Fur Pom key chain w/ single key    
  Dodge vehicle key    
  Small plastic Michelob Ultra can opener key chain w/ post office key    
  Nissan vehicle key w/ several other keys    
  Oversize keys - one w/ 'For Toyota" & other w/ "Larry's"  
  Pensacola Beach key ring w/ purple/green lanyard w/ one single key