Working papers of Ann Gay for the writing of:  “Choctaw, Sumter and Washington Counties” C.S.A. Companies.  Compiled by Ann Harwell Gay, Meridian, MS, Brown Printing Company, Copyright 2003.  
Located in the Julia Tutwiler Library Alabama Room, Ala. Coll. 976.1395 .G25ch

SF4 D1 Folder 1:

Brown, Reynolds, Praytor

  1. Pictures:  Alfred Creighton Reynolds husband of Ella Brown and David Campbell White husband of Addie Beatrice Brown
  2. Postcard to Mrs. Ann Gay from Julia K. Ivey
  3. Letter to Mrs. Gay from Margaret K. Reynolds, Feb. 23, 1996, about the pictures, relationships and other information.
  4. “My Confederate Ancestors” renamed from “What my family contributed to the War for Southern Independence”.  Handwritten transcript from History of the Kentucky Orphan Brigade, p. 659, in letter from State Librarian, Mrs. Ew?? Cromwell, February 20, 1939. Civil War service of Alfred Creighton Reynolds and David Campbell White.
  5. Letter to Julia K “Enclosed are the last of your negatives”
  6. Praytor family records: 
    CSA Records by Ann H. Gay.  Praytor family members living during the Civil War period-births deaths etc. 
    Julia Praytor Killingsworth, father Hugh Boyd Praytor, paternal grandfather James Thomas Praytor 
    From:  Praytor Family Bulletin II complied by Julia P. Killingsworth, 1970.  Time period 1793-1912. 
    John Brown and Juliana Ann Windham Family Group Record. 
    Lewis S. Brown Family Group Record. 
    Miscellaneous family information of Jeremiah H. Brown and Julia Hinds Brown. Other men related to JEB by marriage- Jesse Womack, James H. Mitchell. 
    John Evander Brown and Mary Jane Godfrey Family Group Record.
  7. Correspondence: Julia K. Ivey and Ann H. Gay 
    Brown family during the Civil War period. 
    Manuscript Copy:  Personal Biography of Mrs. Burton G. Killingsworth (Julia Olive Praytor), The Cedars, Sumterville, AL, attached is a Newspaper article “She combines the best of the old-fashioned and up-to-date Americans” by John Neel, The Home Record, Livingston, AL, August 17, 1977. 
    Lt. Colonel Charles Somerville Stewart, CSA, husband of Julia Ann Brown (1 page with brief family information) 
    Lt. J. T. Jackson, son of Jacinth & Prudence Jackson, CSA.  Birth, death, and burial information. 
    Letter from Ann Gay to Julia K. Ivey with list of Sumter County, AL Browns who served in the CSA Forces. 
    Letter to Julian.  “In reply to your letter about our ancestor John Evander Brown, I find this information from my thesis, “A Social and Economic history of Sumter County, Alabama, In the Antebellum Period” University, Alabama 1948. 
    From pages 33-34, Slavery in Alabama, unpublished but copyrighted theses by James B. Sellers. 
    John E. Brown tax list 1860
  8. Incomplete copy from the papers of Julia P. Killingsworth, on the “War of Southern Independence” with information on the conditions in the South and Sumter County before and during the Civil War.
  9. From J. P. Killingsworth files, “Tales told me”
  10. Several pages of Brown family information.
  11. Related Brown Men on CSA Monument.
  12. Julia K. Ivey has slide picture of these men taken later in life:  John Lewis Brown, J. G. Harris, Dr. R.M. Harris, Alfred C. Reynolds.

 SF4 D1 Folder 2:

Papers/Letters from Sumter Countians in Duke University Library Special Collections Collection.

  1. DeVotie, James H., papers.  Letters:  1843, May 9, and 1847, Feb. 15, about Baptist Church in Gainesville.
  2. Mellown, Elgin Wendell, 1904-1975.  Papers, 1939-1969
  3. Nicholson, William S. Papers, 1852-1853, Brewerville, Sumter Co., Alabama
  4. Winston, John A.  John A. Winston and Company (Mobile, AL) Letters, 1851-1854
  5. Davis, James Jackson, Papers Letters: 1862, July 5, 9
  6. Pettigrew, Ebenezer  Family Letters.  1833-1850.  Sumterville.

 SF4 D1 Folder 3:

Sumter County Alabama—Photos by Paul L. Gay, Butler

 SF4 D1 Folder 4:

Confederate Monument at Livingston, Wednesday, June 30, 1909.

 SF4 D1 Folder 5:

Shorter Guards, Livingston, Sumter County, Ala, March 31st, 1862

 SF4 D1 Folder 6:

Muster Rolls

 SF4 D1 Folder 7:

List of the Officers & members of a Volunteer company organized in Gainesville, Alabama on Monday the 15th day of July 1861 under the act entitled “…To provide for an efficient military organization of the State of Alabama”, named the “North Sumter Minute Men”

 SF4 D1 Folder 8:

Voter rolls for elections of Confederate States and Alabama, 1861

SF4 D1 Folder 9:

Muster Roll of Captain N.R.E. Ferguson, 5 Ala. Co. C, Dec. 1863-March 1864.

SF4 D1 Folder 10:

Livingston Ala March 1?, 1860.  Papers and letters concerning the Sumter Mounted Guards.

SF4 D1 Folder 11:

Hand written Muster Role of the Sumter Rifle Guards

 SF4 D1 Folder 12:

Hand written Papers and Correspondence concerning the Sumter Rifle Guards May 1861

 SF4 D1 Folder 13:

Letter to certify elected officers of the Alabama Volunteer Corps, March 8th, 1861 from Jas. J. Hutchinson, Secretary of Livingston Rifles.  Certification of commissions to John H. Dent, ? J. Hamill, R. U. Bryan, C. A. Chandler,? ? Potts, Stephen M. Potts, James ?, signed by Secretary of State A. B. Moore..

 SF4 D1 Folder 14:

Sumter in the Civil War – S. H. Sprott, pages 10-11.  40 Ala Co. A.

 SF4 D1 Folder 15:

“Sumter in the Civil War”, Sprott, Our Southern Home Livingston, 1899?

 SF4 D1 Folder 16:

Billings, W. P. (Sumter County)  Articles on murder of Mr. Billings.

 SF4 D1 Folder 17:

Brett, Calvin (Sumter County)

 SF4 D1 Folder 18:

Wrenn, Nelson, incomplete article, author unknown.

SF4 D1 Folder 19:

Jeff Davis Legion Co D, August 10, 1861

 SF4 D1 Folder 20:

Muster Roll of Captain C. S. Gulley?, March 17, 1862.

 SF4 D1 Folder 21:

Muster Roll of W.A.C,  Jones, Company of the “McCullock Avengers”

 SF4 D1 Folder 22:

Muster Roll of J. V. Tutt Ball-Hatch Cavalry:  8 Alabama Cavalry Co. C.  December 5, 1863.

 SF4 D1 Folder 23:

List of officers & volunteer company (State Troops, Independents Co. Ala. Volunteers) in Gainesville, Alabama, July 15th, 1861

 SF4 D1 Folder 24:

4th Rgt. Ala. Militia Co. A/F.  Livingston Sumter Co. Ala March 31st 1862.

Roll of Officers & Privates of “Sumter Mounted Guards” (Jeff Davis Legion?) March 8 1860

 SF4 D1 Folder 25:

List of names—The Following endorsed Lt. J. W. Monette for Sheriff of Sumter Co.  April 16, 1864.

 SF4 D1 Folder 26:

Muster Roll 36 Al. Co. A, May 13, 1862

 SF4 D1 Folder 27:

“List of the Killed and Wounded in the 5th Ala. Reg” …Beacon, June 27, 1862, Number 24

 SF4 D1 Folder 28:

Census of Enumeration of Confederate Soldiers Residing in Alabama, 1907.

 SF4 D1 Folder 29:

Other Documents

  1. Choctaw County Alabama, Established Dec. 29, 1847.  Place Names in Choctaw County,Alabama by Ann H. Gay.

 SF4 D1 Folder 30:

Civil War Pictures

  1. Colonel Ezekiel S. Gully, Sumter County 40th Alabama Infantry Company A
  2. Captain Charles S. Stewart (Confederate States of America) Sumterville, Alabama.  Picture taken 1861
  3. Sumter County Confederate Veterans—1899 (Picture taken at Livingston, Alabama) original picture in possession of Mrs. O. K. Murray, Gainesville, Alabama

 SF4 D1

Notebook:  Sumter County Alabama, C.S.A. ERA

Donated by Ann H. Gay, Butler, Alabama.  With some information incorporated into book.  Choctaw, Sumter, and Washington Counties”  C.S.A. Companies.

Some information here from Jud K. Arrington, York and Elizabeth Stegall, Sumterville.

Muster Rolls from Alabama Dept. Archives & History.

Pension List from Sumter  Probate Office.  Note:  all pictures and certificates are copies.

First Section

  1. Picture:  John Evander Brown, Jr.
  2. Picture:  John Anthony Winston, Governor of Alabama 1853-1857., 8th Ala. Inf., first Ala. Command to enlist “for the war”
  3. Picture:  1856 Charles S. Stewart possibly Mobile Cadets uniform (militia)  Charles S. Stewart in CSA uniform (grey).
  4. Pictures:  Captain Charles S. Stewart, (Confederate States of America) Sumterville, Alabama.  Picture taken 1861
  5. Picture:  Clara Brown Lurton Randall (daughter of John E. Brown) youngest,
    Charles S. Stewart 1856
  6. Pictures:  Capt. James V. Tutt, Co. C. 5th AL Cavalry Sumter County and Capt. James V. Tutt and Family.  Note with family members identified.
  7. Pictures:  William Thomas Harwell, Jeff Davis Legion of Cavalry Co. D and Capt. James V. Tutt, 5th AL Cavalry Co., C & 8th AL Cavalry Co. C.
  8. Parole certificate, Vicksburg, Mississippi, July 1863.  James Daniel Harwell, CSA, Prisoner of War in the hands of the United States Forces …
  9. Picture:  Colonel Ezekiel S. Gully, Sumter County, 40th Alabama Infantry, Company A.
  10. Picture:  William Frierson Fulton II, 1860
  11. U.S. Oath of Allegiance & Transportation, Edward C. Sanders of Gainesville, Ala.
  12. Prison Discharge, E. C. Sanders of Gainesville, Ala., May 26th 1865.
  13. Proclamation Oath, Josiah Collins, 7th August, 1865.
  14. Picture (2):  Sumter County Confederate Veterans, 1899
  15. Letter to Mr. Jud K. Arrington from Ann H. Gay thanking him for information and requesting additional information.  Answers to the questions.
  16. From The Southern Business Directory and General Commercial Advertiser, Volume I, 1854.  List of 1854 merchants in Alabama Counties;  Russell, Randolph, Sumter, Tallapoosa, Talladega, Tuskaloosa, Wilcox.
  17. Post card from Tut Altman Riddick, Mobile, April 15, 1995, to Mrs. Gay.  Information on his grandfather William Altman, who was killed in the Civil War.
  18. Letter from Jud Arrington, March 18, 1995, to Ann (Gay) with answers to questions she had asked about Edward E. Arrington.
  19. Sumter County, AL Browns who served in the CSA Forces, compiled by Ann H. Gay 1995
  20. Correspondence between Ann H. Gay, Norma Campbell Simmons, and Robert McGregor Campbell concerning picture of Col. Ezekiel Gulley and  Burial place of Robert McGregor Campbell, who was an officer in the Civil War.
  21. Ty Hardin, Chattanooga, TN, 4-10-95.  Information on Culpepper and Hardin ancestors who were in the 40 Ala. Co. CSA.
  22. “One Confederate Left”, Sumter County, AL.  Two articles from Gainesville area newspaper, 11/11/1926.  Death notice of Mr. Gray Ellis, Gainesville,  and last remaining CSA veteran C. S. Williams, Gainesville.
  23. Information from Dr. Johnny Walton Ward, May 19, 1995 concerning grandfathers Gilbert Dearmon Hitt (name uncertain) and John Pennington Walton Tait? (Tate?)
  24. “Capt. W. A. C. Jones”, Our Southern Home, Livingston, Ala., Aug. 28, 1911, on life and death of Capt. Jones.  Letter to Mrs. Gay from David S. Neel, Jr with information of Sumter county CSA companies.  Letters from Mrs. Gay to David Neel requesting picture of William Alexander Campbell Jones.
  25. Email from Joseph F. Stegall to Ann Gay with mention of Andrew M. Moore from Sumterville, William G. Little who lived in Warsaw, William Gray Little buried in the Shady Grove Cemetery, and A.D. Hall who voted in Gainesville before the War.
  26. James T. Palmer, age 6:  “Youngest Confederate Veteran”, The Sumter County Sentinel, August 19, 1899 – P: 4 Col, 2. 
  27. George Norris Rainer, “Last Confederate Veteran Passes Away in Cuba”, Sumter County Journal, May 6, 1943 – P: 1 Col, 6.
  28. Letters from Joseph F. Stegall to Mrs. Ann Gay with information on Charles Stewart.
  29. Letter to Mrs. Gay from Mildred Dearman
  30. Information on Thomas Elnathan Tartt and family.
  31. Treasury Department, Third Auditor”s Office, May 16 18??, verifying that Robert Hill served in the Tennessee Militia.
  32. Certificate from A. B. Moore Governor of Alabama appointing George B. Saunders Sheriff of Sumter County, June 18th, 1861, “and of the Independence of the Confederate States of America, First year.

Second Section

  1. Sumter Co. orig – Muster Roll, Aug 29, 1863
  2. Family Record and War Reminiscences by William Frierson Fultin II.  List of Members of North Sumter County Rifles Company A, 5th Ala. Battalion Archer”s Brigade A. P. Hill”s Division.
  3. Roster of the North Sumter Rifles, Co. A of the Fifth Alabama Battn.
  4. “North Sumter Rifles”  Names on roster after re-organization.  Not on original list when Company was formed at Warsaw, April 25, 1861.
  5. “North Sumter Rifles”, Gainesville Independent”, April 27, 1861 – Page: 2 Col: 1
  6. “North Sumter Rifles”, Gainesville Independent”, October 25, 1862, Page 1.  List of commissioned officers of the North Sumter Rifles.
  7. “North Sumter Rifles”, Men on original Roster of Company when organized at Warsaw, April 25, 1861 and not on Roster when RE-organized.
  8. Casualties, 29 Sept., 1862, North Sumter Rifles.
  9. “North Sumter Rifles Flag”, carried to Confederate Reunion in Birmingham, April 25 and 26, 1894 by Mr. T.M. Long of Gainesville.  From Scrapbook of Sallie Chiles Mitchell.
  10. Roster of the North Sumter Rifles, from Centennial Program at Gainesville 1965.
  11. “North Sumter Rifles”, Our Southern Home.  Roll of the company with those killed indicated.  By Mr. L. T. Ormond of Sumterville, asking survivors to contact him.  He wants “to know where the boys are”, Meridian1900 (3 copies)
  12. Notice from Mr. W. H. Lawrence, Editor, Southern Home with list of men who joined the company in Virginia.  “North Sumter Rifles”, Our Southern Home.,  Mobile, March 10th, 1900 to Mr. L.T. Ormond from Jno. R. Tompkins informing Mr. Ormond that his brother James M. Tompkins served in the North Sumter Rifles and died in battle at Gaines Mills, June 27th, 1863.  (3 copies0
  13. “North Sumter Rifles”, List of men who joined the company in Virginia.
  14. Copies of hand written letters: 
    Organization of “Gainesville Rifles” (later North Sumter Rifles, 5AL Co. A), 24 Dec 1859.
    Proclamation by Governor of Alabama, Montgomery, Ala. 1 Mar 1862, concerning the duties imposed upon Confederate States and closing of ports to markets of the world.  Signed by John Gill Shorter Gov. of Ala and P.H. Brittan Sec. Of State.
  15. Casualties, 28 June 1862.  Letter from battlefield neara Ruchmond.
  16. Newspaper articles:
  • “Company D, Fifth Alabama, C.S.A.; A complete list of the original company, with those recruited later, 21 of these were from the “Warrior Guards,” of Tuscaloosa.  Some Interesting Facts And Data, As Compiled By Capt. J. W. Williams.
  • “Pen Sketches of the “Greensboro Guards,” Co. D. of Fifth Alabama. C.S.A.; Interesting Data By One Who Was There”.  One of a Series of Articles by Capt. J. W. Williams.
  • Battles Around “The Bloody Angle”; “The Greensboro Guards” Co. D. Fifth Ala., at the Battle of Spottsylvania Court House”.  A Thrilling Sketch by Capt. J. W. Williams.
  • “Company D. at the Battle of the Wilderness; Sketches of the “Greensboro Guards, Co. D. Fifth Alabama, C.A.A., by one of them”.  One of a Series of Articles by Capt. J. W. Williams.

Third Section

  1. From:  Gainesville Independent – 15 March 1862, Roll of new Company.  “Sumter Warriors”
  2. From:  Gainesville Independent – 15 March 1862. “The New Company”, On the Sumter County Warriors.
  3. “Sumter Warriors” Sheet No. 2  (list of names)
  4. “The New Company” Sheet No. 2 missing, Sheet 3
  5. Casualties:  Oct. 3, 1865
  6. Roster Company C. 40th Alabama Infantry.  Listing by rank.
  7. Excerpt from:  History of Company B; 40th Alabama Regiment Confederate States Army 1862 to 1865, E. D. Willett.  This book is the diary of E. D. Willett.  Alabama Collection 973.41 H629.
  8. Company C  40th Alabama Infantry Sumpter County 1862-1865, ” The McColloch Avengers”, Ty Hardin, Chattanooga, Tennessee.
  9. Letter to Mr. Levin Culpepper from Ty Hardin, June 28, 1993
  10. Hand written list of names of the 40th Alabama, Co. A
  11. South Sumter Guards (40 AL Co. A) Formed at Intercourse – 4th March 1862.
  12. Chickamauga Stones Batt: – Co. A
  13. 40th Ala Regiment Camp, 21 Mar 1864  (Co. C)
  14. Newspaper article: 40th Alabama, Livingston Journal – 11/4/1881. 
  15. Alabama Historical Quarterly, Volume Seventeen-1955, pages. 158-165.  “A History of Company B, 40th Alabama Infantry, C.S.A.  From the Diary of J. H. Curry of Pickens County.
  16. Livingston Journal June 22, 1894.  The Flas of the 40th Ala, by E.S. Gulley.
  17. Roster Co. “D” Jeff Davis Legion
  18. Stonewall Rangers from “Gainesville Independent” – September 12, 1863.
  19. Answers to questions about Civil War Companies, from Jud Arrington

Fourth Section

  1. Letter to Hon. John Gill Shorter, Governor of Alabama from A. W. Dillard, Judge, Livingston, April 3, 1862.  Asking the governor withdraw an order for 200 men from the county.
  2. Notes by Ann H. Gay after visit with Kitty Harrison, Gainesville.
  3. “Monument at Gainesville, Ala.” and “Last Shots in Battle of Nashville” Confederate Veteran, April 1899 Vol. 7 (2 copies)
  4. Confederate Veterans Association – Sumter County Alabama.  From Livingston Journal – July 31, 1891.  (2 copies)
  5. Pension Book, Sumter County. (Record of applications for pensions of Counfederate Veterans and Widows in Sumter Bounty)
  6. Survey of Families for Relief Confederate Soldiers Sumter County, Ala.  1865
  7. Military Organizations Raised in Alabama During the Civil War
  8. The Brooks guns from Selma by Walter W. Stephens p. 467, Alabama Historical QuarterlyVolume Twenty 1958.
  9. List of hospitals from Confederate Medicine page 142
  10. Note on Dr. Wm Jack McMahon
  11. “Kust if Alabamians Removed from the Battlefield of Chickamauga and vicinity to the State Cemetery at Marietta, Georgia” and ” Some Reminiscences, 40th Ala. Regiment”, Livingston Journal, Sumter County, Ala Friday, March 22nd 1872.
  12. “A Boy”s Recollection of the Civil War; Former Gainesville Boy Writes of His experiences Following a Company of Troopers”, by W. O Hart.
  13. Battle of Spottsylvania C. H., Richmond, May 25, 1864.  The Battle described by the correspondent of the London Herald.
  14. Jefferson Davis Capture”, The Version Authorized by the Ex-Confederate President, by William Preston Johnson.
  15. “Confederate Monument”, Our Southern Home, Livingston, Ala, May 6, 1908.