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Hoover Apartments

Hoover Apartments is named after Elizabeth Hoover, a professor of history who served as a member of the faculty from 1931 until 1972.

Hoover is an apartment community for students who have earned at least 24 semester credits. Each apartment in Phase One has two double bedrooms (shared bedrooms). The apartments in Phase Two consist of four single bedrooms.

New transfer students that are applying for housing for the Fall semester, should apply by March 1st.  Priority in assignments is based on each student's cumulative grade point average, credit hours earned and date that the Housing application is submitted.

Constructed: Phase I: 1991 Phase II: 2011 
Classification: Coed (single gender by apartment) 
Type: Apartments 
Location: Northern corner of campus, near the Student Union Building 
Occupancy: 158 
Number of Floors: 2


  1. Two 2-person bedrooms, each with private bathroom (Phase I)

  2. Full kitchen with refrigerator, stove, and dining table (Phase I)

  3. Sofa, chair, and entertainment center provided 

  4. Four single bedrooms (Phase II)

  5. Two bathrooms (Phase II)

  6. Full kitchen with refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher (Phase II)

  7. Dining area with barstools (Phase II)

  8. Height-adjustable beds 

  9. Tiger Bucks-operated washers and dryers


double roomHoover Bedroom 1hoover 1Hoover Bedroom 2laundry


Hoover Living Room

Hoover Kitchen


Hoover Phase 1 Floor Plan


Hoover Phase 2 Floor Plan