Your Home Away from Home 

The following list comprises off-campus apartments located near the University of West Alabama. The rental rates provided are directly sourced from the respective properties and may be subject to change. It’s important to note that certain units might be subsidized by government programs, with rental charges being determined based on individual income. 

Please understand that the University neither supports nor implies any endorsement by featuring these apartments in the list below. The information has been collected from local property owners who have submitted their details to offer assistance to students, particularly graduate students, married students and those with families. This compilation is aimed at aiding students in finding suitable accommodation options close to the University. 

Please be aware that the University retains the authority to remove apartments from the list for any reason. 

Off-Campus Housing Resources 

UWA Wesley 

University Drive 
Livingston, AL 35470 

Elizabeth Stone 
(205) 742-8516 

Studio: $400.00 per month 

Furnished, dorm-style room with living area, bathroom and walk-in closet. Laundry room and kitchen are located in the main building and shared with other residents. Rent includes electricity, water, wireless and laundry.  

Smith Woods Apartments 

101 Holiday Circle 
Livingston, AL 35470 

Matt Murray 
(205) 652-9591 

One-bedroom: $550.00 per month 
Two-bedroom: $650.00 per month 

Cats, dogs allowed. 

Town and Campus 

Holetah Properties, LLC 
101 McCain Street 
Livingston, AL 35470 

Kierra Daffin 
(205) 745-1604 

One–bedroom: $550.00 per month. 

Cats, dogs allowed. Water, trash and sewer included. 

Wedgworth Properties, LLC 

509 Hopkins Street 
Livingston, AL 35470 

Evan Wedgworth 
(334) 507-1464 

One-bedroom: $500.00 per month 
Two-bedroom: $750.00 per month 
Three-bedroom: $900.00 per month 
Four-bedroom: $1,200 per month 

Dogs, cats allowed. Several different locations to serve you. 

McVay Properties 

530 North Street 
Livingston, AL 35470 

Clayton McVay 
(334) 341-3556 

One-bedroom: $550.00 per month 
Two-bedroom: $700.00 per month 

Each property has washer/dryer hookups. 

B&L Rentals 

1260 Carl Tuck Road 
Livingston, AL 35470 

Mandee Carrier 
(205) 609-7731 

Three-bedroom: $700.00 per month. 

Cats allowed. 

Tiger Apartments 

107 Grean Street 
Livingston, AL 35470 

Hank Stuart 
(205) 499-6289 

One-bedroom: $375.00 per month 

Water, sewer and garbage are included. Laundry on site. 

Rosedale Apartments 

Highway 11 North 
Livingston, AL 35470 

Hank Stuart 
(205) 499-6289 

Two-bedroom: $700.00 per month 

Each apartment has washer/dryer hookups. 

Kensington Apartments 

Kensington #1 
316 Bartram Street 
Livingston, AL 35470 

Kensington #2 
20501 Highway 11 
Livingston, AL 35470 

Jeff Gentsch 

Kensington Apartments, Inc. 
(205) 499-8685 

One-bedroom: $650.00 per month 
Two-bedroom: $900.00 per month