Cahaba Biodiversity Center

Providing a world-class opportunity to study in one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the country

The University of West Alabama Foundation is pleased to announce the establishment of the UWA Cahaba Biodiversity Center, located on 2,100 acres of property in Bibb County, Alabama. Focusing on research activities for faculty and students (undergraduate and graduate), the Center embodies and materializes the University’s vision for a fully-immersed conservation biology program. Multi-discipline projects emphasizing botanical and zoological biodiversity, ecology, archaeology, water quality, and conservation land management, as well as many others, are now possible.

“There are a million teachable moments on this tract of land. I am happy UWA will be providing those moments to students.”

Mr. Bill Hubbard

Situated on over 2,100 acres in Bibb County, Alabama, almost all of which is placed in two conservation easements with frontage on the Cahaba River, the property offers a treasure-trove of unique and rare plants and animals, including the endemic Alabama Croton as well as species of fish, mussels, and snails native only to the river. The Center will serve as an outdoor classroom and routine field trip destination for students at UWA as well as other universities and institutions. The University will also coordinate and manage the facility for researchers at other institutions who wish to visit for similar research endeavors.

UWA’s Cahaba Biodiversity Center will provide students and researchers with a world-class opportunity to study in one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the country, and in fact, the world!

The Case for Supporting UWA’s Cahaba Biodiversity Center

The University of West Alabama Foundation is currently pursuing financial resources to support UWA’s Cahaba Biodiversity Center. Current needs include:

An Education Building: In order to fully utilize the research and teaching opportunities, UWA needs to construct a physical building including classroom, dining, and lodging facilities for students and researchers.

Enhancing Current Building On The Property: Transforming the second floor of a workspace building known as “the Barn,” into a comprehensive residential space utilized by students, faculty, and visiting researchers has been an essential step toward achieving the Center’s purpose. Featuring two faculty bedrooms, four student dorm rooms, four and one-half bathrooms, common kitchen and dining areas, gathering space, and designated meeting space, up to 22 students can be comfortably accommodated on site.

A Stewardship/Maintenance Endowment: Almost all of the property on which the Center is located is placed in two conservation easements. A major initiative of the Center for many years to come, maintenance and stewardship of these acres will be greatly facilitated by a well-funded endowment. Efforts to build an endowment are underway; contributions are both welcome and needed.

Gifts received to support the Center are fully tax-deductible. Please help us continue to create a unique, world-class experience for our students, faculty, and visitors from around the region, country and world!

In The News

Learn more about Cahaba Biodiversity Center by viewing this Absolutely Alabama syndicated news story originally aired April 18, 2021.

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