Conner Chapman

I am originally from Jasper, AL, where I attended Walker High School. With my senior year quickly approaching, I started searching for a college that would not only allow me to receive a quality education but that would be affordable, allow me to participate in the band program and other offered extracurriculars, and would be just the right distance from home. The University of West Alabama was the school that fit that criteria. Although smaller than my hometown, I found that Livingston and West Alabama were packed with opportunities for me to get involved academically and on-campus, further my education, and meet lifelong friends. As a student, I performed in various ensembles with the UWA Bands Program, became a brother of the Delta Chi Fraternity, and joined the Psi Chi Honor Society. In the Spring of 2020, I graduated with my Bachelor of Psychology. With the COVID Pandemic being a harsh reality at the time, I decided to enroll in the Experimental Psychology graduate program at West. This allowed me to continue my extracurricular activities while also allowing me to publish work within the field of psychology. After spending time here as a student, I accepted a full-time position.

Favorite Place on Campus:  

My favorite place on campus is Foust Hall, which houses our band program. At Foust, I have spent countless hours practicing, talking, and laughing with my fellow bandmates and directors. The time spent there is something that I will always cherish.

Favorite UWA Tradition: 

The Key to Victory, a campus-wide search for a hidden key during Homecoming week, is begrudgingly my favorite UWA tradition. As a student, I spent countless hours looking for the key, often running in-between classes to look. I have, unfortunately, never found it.

What do you love most about UWA:

I love the friendships and sincerity found within the faculty, staff, and students. The faculty and staff enjoy being able to teach and help students, and it shows in the success that their students have.

Piece of Advice for Prospective Students:

Take care of yourself! As you take the first steps of being away from your parents and hometown friends and into a world of assignment deadlines and extracurricular events, you might find it overwhelming and stressful. Take the time to focus on yourself, physically and mentally, and practice self-care when you can.

Conner Chapman 
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