UWA Pro-Certified QEP

The University of West Alabama’s Pro-Certified QEP aims to combine selected networking, skills, and resources to satisfy the unique needs of UWA students during their last year of undergraduate degree completion. In the process of developing the QEP, focus groups noted that many UWA students lack self-efficacy, workplace preparation, networking connections, and essential skills for the future.

Informed by existing data, the UWA Strategic Plan, faculty and staff, students, Alabama statewide initiatives, and the local community, UWA recognizes that its graduating students require additional support developing the necessary personal and professional skills for future success.

UWA is located in a rural region of Alabama; more than 75% of its students qualify for Federal Financial Aid and 56% of undergraduate students are first-generation. To better equip students for the workplace, Pro­ Certified will help students acquire these skills via streamlined services, activities, assignments, technologies, and resources from expert members of the faculty and staff.

UWA will launch the following complete set of elements:
NetworkingAlumni Facebook PageMock Interviews Professional SkillsPortfolio-worthy SkillProfessional ResumeIdentify Job SkillsResourcesMental HealthFinancial LiteracyEssential/Soft Skills



To better equip students for the workplace, UWA will increase participation in workplace readiness initiatives by implementing strategic networking opportunities, educational experiences, and essential life skill resources.

Student Learning Outcomes & Measures

UWA students will achieve the following:
  1. Construct peer and professional networking opportunities
    • Measured by participation in a mock interview month
    • Measured by participation in networking opportunities with alumni
    • Measured by student reflection in post QEP focus groups
  2. Connect their educational experiences with the skills required within their chosen field of study
    • Measured by the creation of a professional resume
    • Measured by the ability to identify professional job skills
    • Measured by the creation of a portfolio-worthy skill
    • Measured by student reflection in post QEP focus groups
  3. Recognize essential life skills that have a positive impact on their professional and personal life
    • Measured by the completion of educational modules centered on life skills, soft skills, mental health resources, and financial literacy
    • Measured by student reflection in post QEP focus groups

Implementation Plan

The UWA offices of academic affairs, alumni affairs, financial affairs, career services, and counseling services will collaborate to help students overcome existing socioeconomic and demographic challenges. Pro-Certified Elements will first launch with eligible students in the Division of Nursing and Division of Engineering and Technology, with plans to add students from an additional college each year of implementation. Annual assessment and adjustments will ensure that relevant, current, and effective methods are used over time to prepare UWA students for a Pro-Certified future.

Resource Contacts

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QEP Pro-Certified Timeline