Dr. Amy Jones, Chair
QEP Director/Professor; College of Liberal Arts
Experience with QEP; State award-winning leader in work-based learning

Clete Beard
Vice President of Financial Affairs
Expertise in financial literacy and banking; Financial support for QEP implementation; Experience in providing financial literacy training

Katie Beard
Director of Alumni and Annual Giving
Expertise in alumni networking and collaboration with career services

Gena Robbins
Coordinator of Career Services
Expertise in resume-writing, mock-interviewing, and career services

Dr. Veronica Triplett
Assistant Professor; Business Administration
Expertise in implementing projects across academic areas

Kate Crawford
Coordinator of Counseling Services
Expertise in student mental health and reducing anxiety

Dr. Tina Jones
Vice President of Economic and Workforce Development & Assistant Provost
Expertise in connecting work-based/workforce initiatives in higher education

Dr. B.J. Kimbrough
Dean of Graduate Studies and Chief Diversity Officer
Expertise in the process of transitioning to graduate school

Bliss Adkison
Director of Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning
Expertise in institutional effectiveness and assessment

Dr. Mary Hanks
Chair, Division of Nursing
Expertise in achieving student success with students in Nursing programs

Scarlet Pearce
Alabama Career Center Representative
Expertise in community-based career opportunities and challenges

Ben Shadden
Student; College of Liberal Arts
Served on QEP topic selection committee; Graduated December 2022

Aaron Lee
Student; Health Sciences
Served on Student Government Association Executive Council