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UWA Email Policy

The University of West Alabama provides email service to students, faculty, staff, and affiliated organizations.  UWA also provides this service to state and local governmental agencies in West Alabama upon request.  Email is an official means of communication among members of the UWA community, and UWA encourages its use in support of the University's mission of instruction, research, and public service.

All users of UWA email are expected to use the service responsibly and to comply with applicable local, state, and federal laws, the Alabama Research and Education Network Acceptable Use Policy, and relevant University policies.

Email groups are established for University committees, departments and special projects.  Email to a group should be consistent with the purpose of the group.

The Office Information Technology may restrict or suspend access to accounts where there is reason to believe that laws or University policies have been violated.  In some instances, further action may be taken, including referral to the Student Life Committee and/or criminal prosecution.  Unacceptable use of email includes, but is not limited to,the following:

  • Use of email to support commercial advertising or for-profit activity.

  • Use of email to initiate or forward chain letters.

  • Violations of copyright laws (unlawful distribution of copyrighted printed material, audio recordings, video recordings, or computer software).

  • A user sharing his or her password information with another person.  A user should reset his/her password if there is a reason to believe that the password is known by other persons.

  • Attempts to guess or break another user's password.

  • Sending messages to an individual or group that are unwelcome.  This includes continuing to send such messages after being asked by the individual or group to stop.