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Theatre Program

The University of West Alabama’s Theatre Minor is UWA Theatre!   

There’s no waiting for your junior year to be cast on the mainstage.  There’s no playing second swordsman from the left until the spring of your senior year.  Want to know what it’s like to have the possibility of performing the lead in a musical during your freshman year of college?  Then, UWA’s theatre minor is the place for you! 

But, it’s not lead roles in performance only.  There are leadership roles in design, stage management, costume and set building, and even directorial possibilities almost from the moment you walk through those backstage doors. 

And the course work!  You’ll not find a broader, more eclectic variety in any other theatre minor, anywhere!  In addition, theatre study supports many majors due to its emphasis on a clear, articulate voice, its insistence on disciplined, detailed study, and its creative nature based in the ever-present collaborative process. 


Requirements: 21 hours 

  • TH 100. Introduction to Theatre (3) 

  • TH 211. Acting I (3) 

  • TH 220. Stagecraft (3) 

Choose one of the following: 3 hours 

  • TH 341. Theatre History I (3) 

  • TH 342. Theatre History II (3) 

Choose nine hours from the following:* 

  • TH 109. Dramatics Laboratory (1) 

  • TH 311. Acting II (3) 

  • TH 312. Theatre Movement (3) 

  • TH 313. Theatre Voice (3) 

  • TH 341. Theatre History I (3) 

  • TH 342. Theatre History II (3) 

  • TH 397. Independent Study in Theatre (1-3) 

  • TH 439. Directing Practicum (1) 

  • TH 480. Directing (3) 

  • TH 498. Selected Topics in Theatre (1-3) 

    * Six (6) hours must be chosen from the 300-400 level courses