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Elementary Education

Bachelor of Science

Building the foundation for learning is essential for future success. As an Elementary Education major, you prepare to teach children in grades K-6 with our curriculum, which leads to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. 

Program Facts

Program Format

On Campus

Academic Term

Spring, Summer and Fall semesters

Number of Credits

127 hours

Academic Calendars

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Sample Courses

ED300 Introduction to Teaching and Learning

3 Credits

Content includes qualities needed by the teacher, opportunities for employment, financial compensation and other rewards, requirements for certification, responsibilities of the educator candidate, what the teaching act involves, a systematic approach to the application of psychology to the learning process and the requirements of the UWA educator preparation program. The formal application for “Admission to Educator Preparation” will be made during the course. Fingerprinting is a course requirement. Prerequisites: 45 semester hours of earned credit. MH113 and EH101. 

ED405 Technology and Education  

3 Credits

An overview of the methods and techniques in computer-assisted instruction, current issues, and hardware and software as they relate to the educational process 

SEC315 Science of Reading

3 Credits

This course provides students with an overview of the science of reading, as well as an introduction to phonics, phonemic awareness, and phases of reading development. Students will be made aware of the various components of reading and effective teaching practices. Students will learn proper pronunciation of letter sounds and how to teach them. Students will gain understanding of reading difficulties often encountered by diverse populations, which includes English learners. 

Career Outlook

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education program graduates are equipped to become teachers, daycare workers, daycare owners and work for a school system. 

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