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Academic & housing scholarships offered to help students transition seamlessly

The University of West Alabama is opening its doors to students affected by the forthcoming closure of Birmingham-Southern College. Through this special opportunity, UWA will allow students to transfer seamlessly and earn academic and housing scholarships at UWA as they continue their studies in pursuit of bachelor’s degrees.

“We are very sorry to learn of the impending closure of Birmingham-Southern College, and we empathize with the students, faculty, staff, and alumni who are understandably hurt by this change in their lives,” said UWA President Ken Tucker. “We are committed to providing an outlet for BSC’s students, and we want to help them stay on track as they pursue their academic, extracurricular, and career goals.” 

Admissions counselors are available to discuss scholarships available to any eligible BSC student who wishes to transfer to UWA. These competitive, attractive scholarships are renewable for up to four consecutive semesters. To be eligible for the academic scholarship, the transfer student must have a 3.0 or higher GPA and enroll as a full-time student in an on-campus program. Additional scholarship opportunities through UWA Housing are available for BSC students who wish to live on campus at UWA and meet the criteria to have received academic scholarships.

Tucker said that UWA faculty and staff are standing by waiting to help students make the transition to an academic program that will help students save time and develop plans for moving forward, with their already successful career paths in mind.

“Our faculty and staff have the resources and partnerships in place to allow incoming students to transition from their existing coursework to a program at UWA,” Tucker explained. “By offering attractive degree programs on campus and online, we can accommodate the needs of the students who are interested in continuing their degree pursuits with flexibility despite this unexpected change in their plans.”

While the flexibility of online education is appealing to many and often proves convenient, Tucker believes that many BSC students would likely adapt well to the UWA campus and its collegial, supportive culture, including opportunities to collaborate with UWA’s faculty through undergraduate research.

“We recognize that students affected by the school’s closure face many decisions right now, and we want to assure them that they will be offered the support and guidance they need to continue their success, in an environment where they can thrive,” Tucker said. “We are extending our hand to the students, and we will work with them as they earn the degrees that they have already set their sights on in a timely manner.”

For more information

To learn more about UWA or to apply for special scholarship opportunities available for transfer students, contact UWA Admissions at 888-636-8800 or admissions@uwa.edu.