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Student leaders joining statewide Blood Drive campaign

UWA SGA President Christopher Dunn

The University of West Alabama Student Government Association has joined forces with the other 13 public universities in Alabama and the Higher Education Partnership to host an Alabama Blood Donation Campaign. This organized effort is sponsored in response to the call to action from Alabama Governor Kay Ivey.

The campaign is a collective effort among SGA presidents in response to the shortage of blood donations resulting from the coronavirus pandemic and the  hardship it creates for Alabama’s medical care providers.

UWA SGA President Christopher Dunn and his counterparts at Alabama's public universities collaborated with the governor's office for a promotional video, each filming as they work and learn remotely, to encourage fellow students to give blood and help promote the cause.

SGA leaders say they understand the value of serving others during this time when individuals are being asked to social distance, avoid large gatherings and rewrite their plans for daily activity. With this in mind, SGA Presidents are calling on all college students, even though they are physically distanced from their campuses, to come together to donate blood.

Higher Education Partnership Executive Director Gordon Stone said, “Universities are an important part of our state and we’re always inspired by the impact students have when they come together.”

Coordinators urge that donors not be fearful of giving blood through reputable organizations, as these are practicing appropriate social distancing and cleanliness.

To participate simply go to a local blood donation site or visit to set up an appointment to donate. The Red Cross has setup a virtual donor page where a participant can sign-up for a time and location.

The Higher Education Partnership is asking donors to tag them and their university on social media or send an update and let them know that about your participation to

Higher Education Partnership is an advocacy organization representing students, faculty, staff, alumni and other supporters of Alabama's 14 four-year, public universities. Their main areas of focus are creating a politically informed network of supporters, communicating the true picture of the outstanding performance of Alabama's universities, and creating coalitions with Alabama's business and education communities.