Computer Access

The Julia Tutwiler Library maintains computers for use by UWA students, faculty, and staff. The computer lab is for UWA students, faculty, and staff only. These computers provide net access Microsoft Office (Work, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access) and SPSS statistical software. It is available during all library hours unless otherwise posted. It may also be booked for classes.

Twelve computers are available in the public area and offer net access, along with Microsoft Office and other software. 

Visitors to the library must sign in and show a picture ID.

In addition, one workstation, located on the 2nd floor is available for Library Catalog searches only. 

The Library also offers wi-fi access for personal laptop use. Students will need to have their login information available. Visitors may obtain a password from a librarian.

Off-Campus Access
For information on accessing the UWA Library subscription databases from off-campus click here.

Library Instruction

The Julia Tutwiler Library encourages faculty and staff to bring classes to the Library for orientation and instruction in the use of library resources. The Library faculty and staff conduct general tours, as well as specialized bibliographic instruction classes throughout the academic year. If you would like more information about the Library bibliographic instruction services, please contact the User Services Librarian.

Facility Reservation

The Library maintains a 30-station computer lab w/ instructor station and projector, as well as two (2)  small conference rooms.

These facilities may be booked for class sessions or small study groups.

Please contact the front desk, 205.652.3613.

Equipment Checkout

Circulating equipment includes projectors, projector screens, and laptop computers.  The equipment is not for personal use. 

University faculty and staff may check out equipment for use with in-service education programs or other university-related community activity for a period of week or longer if approved by the director. University faculty and staff may also check out equipment for classroom use for a period of one day. The director must approve longer checkouts. 

UWA Faculty have priority. Community leaders may use laptops when not reserved for faculty, but it must have the approval of the director. Equipment may be checked out for 48-hour periods or longer if approved by the library director. Community leaders must be able to use the equipment before checking it out. 

The borrower is responsible for any damage, loss, or theft of the equipment. No software should be installed on the laptops. Reservations must be made through the LIbrary’s administrative assistant, and should be made at least one week in advance. The borrower must sign a form indicating that he or she understands the policy. 

Please call 652-3613 with any questions regarding use of the equipment. 

For those wishing to contact the Director please address correspondence to Dr. Neil Snider, Tutwiler Library, Station 12, Livingston, AL 35470.

Please review the policies below regarding the use of the equipment.

Policy on Lap Top Computers, LCD Projectors, and Screens

  1. Equipment is not for personal use.
  2. Faculty and Staff have priority to the use of equipment.
  3. Community leaders must be able to use equipment before checking it out for a period no longer than 48 hours unless approved by the Library Director.
  4. University faculty and staff may check out equipment for classroom use.  When checked out for classroom use, the loan period is one day. The Director must approve a longer loan period.
  5. The borrower is responsible for any damage, loss, or theft of the equipment.
  6. The borrower must not install software on the lap tops.
  7. Reservations must be made through the Library’s administrative assistant, and they should be made at least one week in advance. Exceptions must be approved by the Director.

The borrower must sign a form indicating that he/she understands the policy on the use of equipment.


Student and Faculty/Staff ID cards will be used to access the network printing system. Cards may have money added online or at Add Value machine in the Library.  The Add Value machine accepts $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 bills only.

Non UWA patrons may acquire a card at the reference desk. There is no cost for the card, but user must add at least $1.00 in cash. Money must be added at the Add Value machine.

Printing cost is 6¢ /page (b/w), 36 ¢ / page (color)

Copying is 10¢ / page

Copier / Scanners / Microfilm

The Library has two card operated photocopy machines available to patrons. Both copiers are located on the first floor of the Library near the Circulation Desk. Copies are 10¢ per page. 

The Library provides access to three scanners that may be used to scan single or multiple page documents and saved in a variety of formats.

If you need assistance using the scanner, please see a librarian

Microfilm/fiche Reader Printer
The Library has a microfiche/film reader printer available. Copies are 6¢ per page. If you need assistance with the reader/printer please see a librarian.