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Student in Brock

Federal Work Study

Click here for the Federal Work-Study Manual and Payroll Schedule

Jobs ranging from 10-15 hours per week; minimum wage; various departments on campus and a few community service areas.


Interview With and Job Description


Admissions | Brock Hall
Secretarial Assistant with excellent communication skills and computer literacy

Art/Music | Sharon Harwell | Pruitt Hall 5 
Mix clay, file slides & music, keep art room clean

Athletic Department | Jennifer Aderholt | Homer 221  
Answer phone, type, file, make copies, run errands; Video Specialist

Athletic Department | Jennifer Aderholt | Field House
Equipment Manager and Laundry Services

Athletic Director | Penny Dew | Foust 5  
Answer phones, file and run errands  

Athletic Training | Dr. R.T. Floyd | Homer 219
Reception for patients, patient evaluations, treatment & rehab (if in athletic training curriculum), file, data entry, make copies, answer phone, run errands, type  

Biological and Environmental Sciences | Dr. Brian Keener | Bibb Graves 105
Processing and imaging herbarium specimens for the University Herbarium and the Alabama Plant Atlas (

Black Belt Center of Study | Monica Moore | Land Hall 
Clerical assistant, answering phones, making copies, running errands and filing (requires basic computer knowledge)  

Black Belt Garden | Sam Ledbetter | Physical Plant 
Horticulturist with basic knowledge of plant maintenance, outdoor environment and a desire for physical labor

Business | Sieglende Fleming | Wallace 207A 
Answer phone, type, file, make copies, run errands

Business Lab | Dr. Aliquippa Allen | Wallace 206B 
Replace all supplies, assist students in lab, maintain security  

Center for Business and Economic Services | Veronica Triplett | Wallace 208B
Program Assistant:  grant research, clerical support, documentation preparation, email preparation, meeting/special event support, assistance with stand business functions

Computer Information Systems and Technology | Bonnie Dial 
Clerical assistant, file, running errands, helping in computer lab, and various tasks for professors  

Curriculum and Instruction | Dr. Esther Howard | Lyon Hall
Computer skills, answer phone, file, run errands, make copies

Division of Online Programs | Jan Miller | Lyon Hall
Answer phones, typing, file and run errands  

Division of Outreach Services | Sheena Turner | Hunt Annex 128  
Assist with the marketing of program activities

Education | Lyon Hall
Computer skills, answer phone, make copies, run errands, file

Financial Aid | Charmaine Truelove| Webb 334  
Answer phones, file, process mail, assist students and parent

Graduate Office | Dee Dee Hines | Lyon Hall
Answer phone, file, make copies & send faxes (requires basic computer knowledge)

Housing | Luther Gremmels | Brock 121  
Answer phones, make copies, type, file and run errands

International Programs | Mark Davis | International Programs House
Assist the transition of international students to the UWA campus and local community. Requires a valid Driver’s license and proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite  

Intramurals | SUB
Officiate games, set up prior to events, maintain fields, office work  

Lake LU | Roger Limerick | Lake LU
Cut grass, help with maintenance of grounds and lake, run errands

Languages & Literature | Sara Walker | Wallace 307P 
Answer phone, file, run errands, make copies  

Languages & Literature | Writing Center position
Assist students with computers

Languages & Literature | Livingston Press position
Assists with mailing lists, orders, shipping  

Leadership Instruction | Lydia Kelley | Lyon Hall
Computer skills, answer phone, file, run errands, make copies  

Library | Library 
Shelve books, provide information to patrons, assist patrons  

Liberal Arts | Dr. Ashley Dumas | Land Hall
Answer phones, file & make copies, monitor computer labs  

Liberal Arts | Dr. Tina Jones| Fort Tombigbee position 
Works with artifacts, works on display, helps with research, works on publications  

Media Center | Dr.  Neil Snider | Library  
Need basic computer skills/or typing, answer phone, staff desk, maintain placement of materials

Natural Science & Math | Margaret Rundles | Bibb Graves 108C
Answer phone, file, run errands, set up freshman labs

Natural Science & Math Lab | Margaret Rundles| Bibb Graves
 Monitor sign-in sheet & enforce lab rules

Nursing | Nicole Skelton | Spieth 334
Can not be a Nursing major, answer phone, make copies, run errands, use computer, filing

Physical Education | Beverly Duke | Hughes Gym
Answer phone, make copies, run errands, computer knowledge, filing

Physical Plant | Moon Hall  
Answer phone, file, help with deliveries

Printing | Jimmy Robinson | Webb 116  
Answer phone, file, make copies, type, work reception area, run printing equipment, learn graphic design & one position requires heavy lifting.

Provost | Holly Holycross | Webb 102  
Answer phone, file, use computer  

Public Relations | Betsy Compton | Webb 332
Office Assistant with excellent organizational and writing skills

Registrar | Susan Sparkman | Webb 321  
Answer phone, file, type, use computers, wait on students

Sponsored Programs | Rodney Granec | Choctaw Tavern  
Research Assistant

Sports Information | Kent Partridge | Foust 5K  
Must have sports knowledge, work some nights & weekends, being staff member at home games & keeping stats and minutes, filing, use computers and run errands

Student Activities | Jason Gardner | SUB  
Answer phone, file, use computer and run errands

Student Support Services | Andrea Farquhar | Foust 6  
General office duties

Technology | Donnie Cobb | Hunt 103  
Answer phone, type, file, run errands, work in labs

Telephone Center | Amy Lenning | Webb 100 
answer phone & route calls, directory assistance for faculty & staff, greet visitors & give directions at window  

Trio Programs/Counseling | Foust 6  
Answer phone, type, send e-mail, make copies-general office procedures

UWA Campus Police | Chief Jeff Manuel | Craiger House 
Clerical Assistant  

UWA Campus School Kim Smith | Armory