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Fellow Tigers,

The University of West Alabama takes pride in providing a high-quality educational experience in an environment that is rooted in the encouragement and support of our students, and we are dedicated to offering that experience at an affordable and accessible cost to all.

In an attempt to better serve our students and help meet the ever-changing financial needs associated with pursuing your degree, UWA offers a payment plan that allows you to spread your education expenses over smaller monthly installments. These installments will be paid over the course of the school semester with the only up-front cost being the enrollment fee into the program.

We are grateful you're part of the UWA family!

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If you plan to use your savings and/or income to cover all of part of your education expenses, a Tuition Payment Plan may be your best option.

  • Simple enrollment via email or by phone

  • Predictable monthly payments

  • A one-time enrollment fee for the term

  • Options that fit your cash flow

  • No financial aid qualification necessary

  • Payment plan budgeting

SPRING 2021 Payment Plans

Campus Enrollment | $40 enrollment fee*

•   5 payment plan with payments due December 10- April 10

•   4 payment plan with payments due January 10 - April 10

Online Enrollment | $20 enrollment fee*

Term 1

•   2-payment plan with payments due January 10 - February 10

Term 2

•   2-payment plan with payments due March 10 - April 10

*Enrollment fee applies to each applicable term of enrollment.