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Alcohol and Drug Education Program


The purpose of the Alcohol and Drug Education Program (ADEP) is to provide the University community of faculty, staff, and students access to information to promote healthy changes in drinking and drug use behavior.


The program consists of 6 weekly sessions. Participants are required to attend each session, do homework as assigned, and keep a weekly journal. Sessions are provided in either group or individual settings.

Week 1:

Assessment of Substance Abuse Behavior. Using the AUDIT or MAST instruments or a combination of inventories is used to determine frequency of use and level of intoxication. Homework assignment is to write a story of the person’s first experience with alcohol or drugs.

Week 2:

Alcohol Facts and Figures. Myths concerning the consumption of alcohol are discussed as well as other information regarding the incident of alcohol related issues such as health concerns, academic and career problems, and legal concerns. Participants are required to take a quiz on the information provided.

Week 3:  

The Brain and Substance Use Lecture. A lecture is provided to participants regarding how the brain is affected by alcohol and/or drugs. The participants are required to read designated articles regarding the physical effects and chemical reactions of alcohol or drugs on the body and write a critique of their findings.

Week 4:

Legal Issues. A presentation regarding university policy about possession of alcohol, state mandated recourse for driving offenses, public drunkenness, and underage drinking are discussed. Participates are required to research laws and court rulings regarding alcohol offenses in their state.

Week 5:

Effects of Alcohol on Academic and Athletic Performance. Information is provided regarding the effects of substance use and abuse in athletes and students. Participants are required to write or discuss their experience with overuse of a substance and how memory, concentration, and overall well-being were impacted.

Week 6:

Peer Pressure and Sustaining Sobriety. Creating a social network of peers who avoid drinking and using other drugs is discussed. Participants are given several scenarios and asked to discuss how to avoid the influence of peer pressure with regard to substance use.

The following site(s) also offer helpful information about available resources for assistance and treatment of substance use disorders: