Special interest groups encompass a wide range of campus groups, who seek to share knowledge and connect members with similar interests.

International Student Association

The International Student Association promotes the exchange of international cultural values and ideas. It serves as a support group for all international and domestic students attending UWA.


Mark Davis, Advisor, mdavis@uwa.edu

Residence Housing Association

RHA is the voice of UWA Campus Residents. We aim to inspire, encourage and advise students to get involved in their residence halls and all campus activities.


For more information please contact the Housing Office at housing@uwa.edu.

Equality Alliance

Equality Alliance is a student organization that exists in order to preserve and defend the rights and privileges of equality; to assure student body support for LGBT+ students; to foster a spirit of love among students; to promote citizenship on campus; and to provide a support system for those in need. The EA celebrates diversity by supporting one another as human beings regardless of but not limited to sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, gender, sex, religion, disability or age through love.

There are no official membership requirements. Just show up and engage!

For more information please email: equalityalliance@uwa.edu

Follow the group on social media for updates.


Andrea Farquhar, Advisor, afarquhar@uwa.edu

International Club

International Club helps promote integration and diversity within the UWA campus and has several events geared toward this purpose throughout each semester.


Dr. Mark Davis, Advisor, mdavis@uwa.edu

Active Minds

Active Minds is a nonprofit organization that brings awareness about mental health. We are dedicated to helping save lives and building strong communities. We open up the conversation about mental health and creating lasting change in the way mental health is talked about, cared for and valued at the University.


Phyllis Lewis, Advisor, pdlewis@uwa.edu

Latin Student Alliance

The purpose of the Latin Student Alliances is to represent and promote Latin culture and values at the University of West Alabama. The distinct goal is to define, unify and appreciate the cultural values of the world community.


Andrea Farquhar, Advisor, afarquhar@uwa.edu

SSS FLi Society

The purpose of the SSS FLi Society is to offer additional support to first-generation and/or low-income students who are active members of UWA’s Student Support Services (SSS). Because these students’ knowledge about the traditions of college life and academia may be limited, the FLi Society’s goal is to offer guidance and support to SSS students as they become accustomed to the new lifestyles, environments and academic responsibilities one encounters while attending college.

Furthermore, the FLi Society is dedicated to being a helpful asset to SSS students, as well as for other first-generation/low-income students by aiding them in understanding and harnessing their academic and community resources.

Some initiatives the FLi Society focuses on are:

  • Fundraising to support scholarships for first-generation students at UWA
  • Establishing a textbook lending library for students
  • Food drives to help stock the UWA student food bank

Interested in joining the FLi Society? For more information email us at FLi@uwa.edu.


Daphne Bowden, Advisor, dbowden@uwa.edu

Chinese Student Association

The Chinese Student Association represents all current Chinese students of the University of West Alabama.


Meng Xu, Advisor, xum@uwa.edu

Black Student Union

The purpose of the Black Student Union is to promote cultural awareness on campus and in the community while developing skills necessary to professionally address issues relevant to African-Americans.


Paul Blackmon, Advisor, pblackmon@uwa.edu

Black Activities Panel Selection (B.A.P.S)

The purpose of this organization shall be to organize and support events centered around the African American culture and to educate both members and non-members on the traditions and customs of the diaspora. It is also to provide a space of mental, spiritual, and professional development and support for all members during their membership.


Josette White, jhwhite@uwa.edu

Film Club

In Film Club, members watch movies each Tuesday night at 8PM and discuss them afterwards. Members analyze directors’ choices and techniques, whether good or bad, and overall discuss the production of the movie. After watching these random movies each week, members will begin to create their own content based on the skills and techniques discussed prior. This club is designated for creative freedom and community amongst a group of people who are motivated, driven, and creative. Being in this club allows people to build leadership, team-building, and communication skills.


Caleb Smith, cjsmith@uwa.edu