Service organizations at UWA share the common purpose of promoting both service and social justice in alignment with their service focus. In addition, they provide educational opportunities for the UWA community and build relationships with one another through weekly service, meetings and intentional events.

Alpha Phi Omega

Alpha Phi Omega is a campus-based leadership organization whose vision is to create inclusive communities for a more peaceful world in which to make a life, and uniting members through friendship and rendering service to all. We are architects of our own ambitions and that each of us has the opportunity to develop ourselves to be whatever we seek to be.


Andrea Farquhar, Advisor,

Campus Activities Board

CAB provides free events for all students on campus. The purpose of CAB is to entertain college students, give them new experiences and promote campus interactions.


Cameron Wyatt
UWA Station 16
Livingston, AL 35470
(205) 652-3598

Student Ambassadors

The University Student Ambassadors are a selective group of students who share their time and campus experiences with prospective students, parents and special guests to assist with recruiting for the University of West Alabama.


Emily Stuart, Advisor,

Student Government Association

The University of West Alabama Student Government Association strives to actively represent the needs and concerns of the UWA student body by committing to excel in leadership, citizenship and fostering unity among its students.

The mission of the SGA is to facilitate a better relationship and understanding between the administration, faculty, staff and student body. SGA will assess problems and make positive improvements upon the University of West Alabama. SGA will promote the ideals of the University, encourage unity among its students and remain the student voice to the faculty and administration.

Student Leadership Initiatives

The Sunflower Tea Club

The Sunflower Tea Club is an organization that was created to promote healthy social interactions, personal enrichment, positivity and happiness in the spirit of camaraderie.


Jessica Lotz, Advisor,

UWA Rotaract

The Rotaract Club is a subset of Rotary International. Our mission statement includes community service, improving literacy, eradicating polio, clean water, and international peace. Our main focus on the UWA campus will be to serve the community and increase literacy and financial literacy on the campus.


Gena Robbins, Advisor,