From professional development and networking to public speaking and more, these clubs and associations are designed to help students expand their college experiences based on their educational and professional pursuits and passions.

Accounting Club

The Accounting Club’s mission is to promote interest in the accounting profession as a career, educate students about the various career paths available to accountants, and to provide opportunities for members to interact with other accounting students, faculty, and leaders in the business community.


Sharon Stipe, Advisor,

Alabama Student Rural Health Association (ASRHA)

ASRHA, the Alabama Rural Health Association, is part of the National Rural Health Association. Through activities, workshops, volunteering and information distribution, the purpose of the group is to address pertinent issues of rural health at the local, state and national levels. The organization provides UWA students from a wide array of academic backgrounds the opportunity for professional development, networking and applied community outreach services.


Russell Davis, Advisor,

Association of Nursing Students

This is an organization for student nurses who are preparing for initial licensure as registered nurses. Our goal is to teach student nurses the value of community leadership and that involvement in professional organizations is essential to their growth within the nursing profession.


Dr. Chineda Hill, Advisor,
Kelly McClure, Advisor,


Enactus is a network of leaders committed to using business as a catalyst for positive social and environmental impact. Their goal is to educate, inspire and support young people to use innovation and entrepreneurship to solve the world’s biggest problems. At UWA, Enactus students take what they are learning in the classroom and apply those principles in the community to help small businesses and community members thrive.


Janie Gregg, Advisor,

Exercise Science Club

By joining the UWA Exercise Science Club, you will assist us in promoting physical activity amongst our campus and the local community. We will sponsor several charitable organizations throughout the year as we continue to promote healthy habits and increased quality of life.


Catalina Casaru, Advisor,

Finance Club

Finance Club provides a forum for students to discuss current events in finance, which will prepare them for interviews and the workplace.


Joo Lee,
Jiawei Chen,

Minority Business Student Association

The mission of the Minority Business Student Association is to empower and advance minority business majors through networking and collaborating with professionals to better prepare students with their future endeavors.


Uchenna Akpom, Advisor,

Natural History Collections Conservation Club

Our overarching goals are to provide students with the opportunities to gain scientific skills that will build their resumes and to build relationships between students and faculty members within the College of Natural Science and Mathematics.


Kevin Morse, Advisor,

Outdoor Recreation Conservation Association (ORCA)

ORCA is an outdoor club that specializes in the BlackBelt Prairie Restoration project. We have two meetings a month, some classroom gatherings and some outdoor events like bonfires and canoeing. Our purpose is to have interactions with the community and other UWA members, and to assist with any restoration or beautification projects that UWA commences.


Lee Stanton,

Physical Education Club

P.E. and health majors come together to network and participate in Alabama State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (ASAHPERD) events.


Gunnar Cazers, Advisor,

Sports Medicine Club

The University of West Alabama Sports Medicine Club exists to increase the overall outlook of their members’ educational experience by promoting educational activities and developing closer contacts with those involved in the future of the athletic training/sports medicine profession.


Joni Maddox, Advisor,