Looking to get or stay fit? Whether working out on your own or as part of a group, the UWA Fitness Center offers the right fit for you. From a wide variety of group fitness classes five days per week including aquatic classes and a free weight area to cardio and strength equipment, a fitness studio, a pool for open swim and lane swimming and clean locker rooms, you’ll find everything you need to maintain and improve your physical fitness.  

I.D. Policy 

  • UWA Students must present their University I.D. to have access to the facility. 
  • UWA Faculty/ Staff with a membership must present their University I.D. to the front desk to access the facility. 
  • Community members and UWA National Alumni Association with a membership must present their Campus Recreation issued I.D. to the front desk to access the facility. 

Swimming Lessons

Membership Information 

Need a Fitness Center membership?  

Current membership about to expire

For any membership questions, please email fitness@uwa.edu

Reserve a Space 

Registered groups, organizations and Athletics may reserve the group exercise room and pool for their events/workout needs. Requests must go through the campus facility requests online system.  

Community Guest Passes 

Spend a day at the UWA Fitness Center! Guest passes give a non-member one-day access for $10 per day. All guests must be 18 or older, present a government-issued picture ID and fill out a waiver prior to using the facility. Guests may buy a maximum of 12 day passes per person per calendar year. Passes may only be purchased at the UWA Front Desk, and guests must follow all UWA Fitness Center policies. 

Member Guest Passes  

All UWA Fitness Center Members are allowed to register guests for the day by paying the guest fee. The guest fee is $5.00 per guest per day for all ages. Guests must fill out a waiver prior to using the facility. Members must accompany the guest(s) into the facility and remain with them at all times. Passes may only be purchased at the UWA Front Desk, and guests must follow all UWA Fitness Center policies. 

Membership Prices 

The UWA Fitness Center offers a variety of membership options for members of the UWA Community.  

Membership Type Single  6-Months Single 12-Months Family 6-Months Family 12-Months 
Community $180.00$360.00 $300.00 $600.00 
UWA Faculty/Staff $60.00 $120.00 $120.00 $240.00 
UWA National Alumni Association Member $120.00 $240.00 $240.00 $480.00 
Military/Public Safety $120.00 $240.00 $240.00 $480.00 
UWA Student Spouse $60.00 $120.00 $120.00 $240.00   

UWA Employee: UWA paid faculty or staff that works directly for a University department. (This also applies to any Graduate Assistant positions, hired through University departments.) 

Alumni: Anyone that has registered with the UWA Alumni Association and is a dues-paying member of the group. 

Family: Anyone that resides in the same home, with proof of the same address as a current UWA Fitness Center member. Family members must be under 21 years of age or they are required to obtain their own membership. 

Minor: Anyone under the age of 19 that has a parent/guardian relationship with a current UWA Fitness Center member. 

Complete the UWA Fitness Center Membership Form

Membership Payments 

Full Payment: One-time payment of fees, by cash, check, or credit/debit card. Membership is not prorated and will expire at the end of the last month of membership. 

Payroll Deduction: Fees will be deducted from members starting in the next payment cycle and will recur until ended by the member submitting a cancellation form to Member Services. 

Credit/Debit Card Drafting: First month’s fee is paid at the time of joining, by cash, check, or credit/debit card. Fees will be automatically drafted monthly from the member’s VISA, MC, AMEX or Discover. This draft will recur until ended by the member submitting a cancellation form to Member Services.  

Canceling a Membership 

If you have fulfilled your initial six- or 12-month contract and wish to cancel your membership, a cancelation form will need to be completed and submitted to Member Services. Request processing will begin once all fees/balances have been paid. 

All memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable; however, extended freeze options (up to six months) are available at your request for extreme circumstances (listed below). 

  1. Member(s) becomes physically disabled and is unable to physically continue exercise for an extended period of time or permanently (i.e., severe accident, extended hospital stay, death, etc.) 
  2. Member(s) is transferred by an Armed Forces military branch (i.e., National Guard, Reserves, Active Duty assignment, etc.) 
  3. Member(s) moves from Livingston area or leaves UWA (i.e., reaches non-employment status, retires, is terminated, resigns, medical disability, etc.) 

Personal Training  

Whether your goal is weight loss, building muscle or increasing your strength and endurance, our trainers can help you reach your objectives. Train individually or with friends and family. Get motivated. Get support and succeed. 

Our Trainers 

Gina Morse 

Gina is an American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certified Personal Trainer with 12 years of successful experience in the field. Gina specializes in general fitness, core and functional fitness and post-rehabilitation. She also has experience teaching yoga, pilates, spin and circuit classes as well as experience with PurMotion equipment. Gina is married and has three children. In her downtime, she enjoys reading, hiking, sewing and running. To schedule a consultation or learn more about her individual programs, call (205) 317-7555 or email at gmorse@uwa.edu

David Leverett 

David’s passion for the last 34 years has been to help people become the happiest and healthiest version of themselves. He is an experienced personal trainer and fitness educator. David specializes in designing programs for anyone with a busy lifestyle who thinks they don’t have the time to get into the best shape of their lives. David is married with two sons and breeds/raises Nigerian Dwarf goats. To schedule a consultation or learn more about his individual programs, call (205) 242-3332 or email at dleverett452@gmail.com.  

Fitness Center Policies  

General Rules 

  1. All UWA students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members MUST present a membership card for entry to the Fitness Center. University classes who use the facility must also present an ID. 
  2. NO food, drink, gum, or tobacco products are permitted in the facility. Water in a closed plastic container is permitted. 
  3. Proper athletic attire must be worn when participating in the facility. Athletic shoes and apparel are to be worn while using any strength and conditioning machines. Shirts must be worn at all times. NO jeans, boots, sandals or Crocs are allowed.  
  4. Children under the age of 15 are NOT allowed in the strength and conditioning area, unless they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. 
  5. NO alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs can be consumed either during or before the use of the facility. 
  6. Bicycles, roller skates, roller blades or skateboards are prohibited in the facility.  
  7. Pets, other than guide animals are not permitted. 
  8. Headphones are required for listening to music other than the music over the facility sound system. 
  9. Facilities may be closed and/or reservations canceled when warranted special events, maintenance projects or inclement weather arise. 
  10. Use of the Fitness Center Facility is a privilege, and participants are expected to exhibit proper conduct and respect the rights of others. Individuals who engage in unacceptable, unsafe, or inappropriate behavior may have their access to facilities revoked, modified, suspended and/or subject to further university disciplinary actions.  
  11. Students may not bring guests into the facility. 
  12. The University of West Alabama is not responsible for lost or stolen property.

Guest Policy 

  1. All UWA community members are allowed to register guests for the day by paying the guest fee. 
  2. The guest fee is $5.00 for guests 15 years of age and over, and $3.00 for guests 14 and under. 
  3. Guests must sign a waiver before entering the facility. 
  4. Member must accompany the guest(s) in the facility and remain with them at all times.

Fitness Studio 

  1. No food or drink in the studio. Water is permissible but it must have a lid/cap. 
  2. Athletic shoes, dance or ballet shoes only. 
  3. Shirts must be worn at all times. 
  4. Groups who reserve the studio must provide their own sound equipment. Yoga/pilates mats are to be brought by persons using the space.  
  5. Classes offered by the Fitness Center have first priority in scheduling of the facility.

Strength and Conditioning Area 

  1. Participants must be at least 15 years old to use this area. No adult supervision will be allowed to bypass our policies and procedures.  
  2. Please return all weights/dumbbells to the racks where they’re to be stored. 
  3. Do not slam or drop weights forcefully on the floor. 
  4. Boots, flip-flops, open-toe shoes, dress shoes, jeans and pants with rivets/belts are prohibited. 
  5. Equipment is first-come, first-served basis. 
  6. There is a 30-minute time limit on all cardio machines. 
  7. Allow others to work in when performing multiple sets. 
  8. All free-weight equipment is to remain in the free-weight area. Please do not take them to the fitness studio.  
  9. Please wipe down all equipment after usage. 
  10. The use of bar collars is mandatory. 
  11. The improper use of equipment is prohibited. This includes standing on equipment, weights, weight stacking and stacking objects under a bench. 
  12. Loud noise, disruptive behavior and patrons not abiding by the rules and regulations will be asked to leave.

Swimming Pool 

  1. Lifeguards are responsible for the safety of all swimmers. Please follow their instructions.  
  2. NO swimming unless lifeguards are on duty. 
  3. NO running or horseplay. 
  4. Children under the age of 12 MUST be accompanied by an adult. 
  5. NO food is allowed on the pool deck. Food is allowed in the designated areas.  
  6. NO glass bottles. 
  7. Cut-off jeans, shorts or frayed clothing is prohibited in the pool.  
  8. Place all trash in the trash cans. 
  9. Swim at your own risk. 
  10. Headphones are required for listening to personal music by the pool. NO speakers.