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Documentation Criteria To Register and Receive Accommodations Through Student Advocacy and Parent Support

The following guidelines are provided for students identifying themselves as having a disability for which services are needed. Documentation must be prepared by a licensed professional qualified to diagnose and treat the disability.

• The documentation must be typed/printed on Letterhead of the practitioner or agency hosting the practice. Handwritten notes and notes on prescription pads are not accepted.
• Documentation can be submitted to: or given to the student.

Below is the information the university is looking for in evaluating an individual’s request for reasonable and appropriate academic accommodations.  Please include the following in your letter of support:

1. List primary diagnosis, date of diagnosis and any secondary/other diagnoses that may apply.

2. Describe your professional relationship with the student on which you are basing your treatment plan (e.g. type of treatment, length/history of relationship).

3. Confirm the student’s relevant medical or mental health diagnoses that you feel rise to the level of disability.*

4. Describe how the student’s disability creates a significant barrier to full access in their academic courses when compared to their peers. Functional limitations and expected impact on academic performance must be included. (Please note that the impact must go beyond the typical nervousness that most people are expected to feel in a test taking situation.)

5. Provide your credentials with signature (Name, Title, License or Certification #)

Office of Student Advocacy & Parent Support

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