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Fall 2019


Americans With Disabilities Act

The University of West Alabama-ADA Services Office is designed to assist students with academic accommodations who have a documented, bona fide disability and meets the definition of a person with a disability as defined in The Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act and amendments to either of these laws. A student enrolled at the university must identify to the ADA Office by contacting the ADA coordinator, completing the request for services and accommodations forms, and providing appropriate, current documentation of their disability.


Documentation Guidelines:


For the documentation you submit to be useful to us in making accommodations decisions, it should meet these criteria:

  1. The diagnosis is clearly stated.
  2. Information is current.
  3. Educational, developmental, and medical history are presented.
  4. The diagnosis is supported.
  5. The functional limitation is described.
  6. Recommended accommodations are justified.
  7. Evaluators’ professional credentials are established.




            · Autism Spectrum Disorders

· Communication Disorders

· Head Injuries

· Hearing Impairments

· Learning Disorders

· Physical/Medical Disabilities

· Psychiatric Disorders

· Visual Impairments

· Other Disabilities


For employees of the university who need work accommodations, please contact HR.

How to Apply:

The ADA Services Office is located in Foust Hall 7. To request services, complete the Request for ADA Accommodations Questionnaire (click here).  On-campus students should contact Will Atkinson, ADA Compliance Officer (on-campus), at or 205-652-3581 to schedule an appointment.  For online ADA inquiries, online students should contact Dr. Erica Sheffield, ADA Coordinator (online) at or 205-652-3649. 

Notification Process:

A review of the documentation will determine the types of academic accommodations that are reasonable and appropriate for the student. The ADA Services Office will provide notification letters for students on campus to retrieve and deliver to their professors. Students are encouraged to contact the ADA Services Office prior to the start of the semester to ensure that notification letters will be prepared and ready for the student on the first day of class. The student should present the letter to the instructor and request a private meeting to discuss how accommodations will be provided. Students are to inform the ADA Coordinator if accommodations are not provided or if they encounter other disability-related problems in the class.

Classroom and Testing Accommodations

The ADA Services Office assists in determining the classroom accommodations that are most appropriate for students with disabilities based on documentation of their disability. Students are encouraged to communicate with instructors regarding accommodations. The ADA Services office will provide eligible students with notification letters regarding their classroom and testing accommodations to give to their professors. Examples of classroom and testing accommodations are varied, but may include: adapted testing arrangements, extended time on tests, testing in a distraction-free environment, or assistance with alternative formats of textbooks. 

Student Responsibilities

Students are responsible for the following:

  1.  Requesting notification letters regarding the accommodations needed for your disability each semester These letters must be provided before an instructor/professor can provide an accommodation.
  2. Planning and scheduling accommodations with your instructors. (Example: You are responsible for scheduling your exam with your professor.)
  3. Communicating with your professor/instructor. Students and faculty are encouraged to maintain communication throughout the semester regarding accommodations.
  4. Notifying the ADA Office IMMEDIATELY if you have problems receiving accommodations, or if you feel you have been discriminated against.


Housing Accommodations:

Students with disabilities that require special housing accommodations must contact ADA Compliance Officer, Will Atkinson, via email at   While not required, it is recommended that students with special accommodation requests apply for housing no later than March 1 for the fall semester, November 1 for the spring semester, and April 1 for the summer semester.





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