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Academic & Leadership Trustee Scholarships


To be considered for academic, leadership or alumni scholarship assistance a student must meet unconditional Admissions standards (19 or higher ACT and 2.0 or better GPA) and apply for admission and scholarship by April 15.

Trustee awards are not available to online students or to international students who are attending UWA through a partnership program or memorandum of agreement with another university or college and/or who have special UWA scholarship provisions. 

To Apply

To apply for freshman/transfer scholarships from the Admissions office, UWA applicants should fill out the Trustee Scholarship Application found at (You will need your Campus Identification Number that is emailed to you after you complete the UWA admissions application.)

Please email if you have any questions about the scholarship application or awarding process.

Scholarships for Beginning Freshmen

Trustee Academic Awards 

Awards are made to entering freshmen (or transfers with less than 24 credit hours) with a 21 or higher ACT/ 1060 or higher SAT and 3.0 GPA. Scholarships range from $500 to $10,000 per year and are renewable for up to four academic years with maintenance of a minimum 3.0 GPA. On-campus residency is required for two years to maintain full value of Trustee scholarships.

Test Scores

UWA Dual Enrollment 19 ACT / 980 SAT $500 per year
Tiger Achievement Award 21-22 ACT / 1060 SAT $1,500 per year
Counselor's Award 23-24 ACT / 1130 SAT $2,500 per year
Director's Award 25-26 ACT / 1200 SAT $3,500 per year
Dean's Award 27-28 ACT / 1280 SAT $4,500 per year
President's Award 29-30 ACT / 1350 SAT $5,500 per year
Trustee Excellence Award 31-36 ACT / 1420 SAT $10,000 per year

Trustee Valedictorian & Salutatorian 

Valedictorian and Salutatorian scholarships are available to students that have been recognized by their high school as one of the top two students in their graduating senior class. Students must meet unconditional admissions standards (19 or higher ACT/ 980 SAT and a 2.0+ GPA). On-campus residency is required for the first two years at UWA for recipients. Must submit online UWA Scholarship Application as detailed above. Students can apply through the regular Supplemental Trustee Scholarship Application form at; students will enter their guidance counselor contact information and after confirming valedictorian/salutatorian status, the scholarship will be granted.”

Valedictorian & Salutatorian $2,500 per year

Trustee Leadership Awards

These awards are available to entering freshmen (or transfer students with less than 24 credit hours) demonstrating outstanding leadership ability as demonstrated through high school, community, or religious activities. Students must meet unconditional admissions standards (19 or higher ACT/ 980 SAT and a 2.0+ GPA). On-campus residency is required for the first two years at UWA for recipients. Must submit online UWA Scholarship Application as detailed above, including guidance counselor contact information. Awards vary, up to $2,500 per year. Activities that warrant consideration include:

  • SGA President, Senior Class President, or Club President

  • Other SGA, Class, or Club Officer position

  • Recognition in the Hugh O’Bryan Youth Scholarship (HOBY) program

  • Participation as a Distinguished Young Woman

  • Election as your school’s Boys or Girls State representative

  • Participation in the Youth Leadership Development Program

  • Extensive community or church service

  • Other leadership not listed (essay required)

Tutwiler Scholars Program

The UWA Tutwiler Scholars Program seeks students who are creative, ambitious, energetic, and passionate about learning. This program is open to academically qualified students in any of UWA’s four colleges — Business, Education, Liberal Arts, and Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Applicants to the Program will be considered based on the following criteria:  (1) ACT scores — composite score of 28 or higher with a 28 or higher in one of the following areas: English, reading, science reasoning, or mathematics; (2) demonstrated leadership and academic achievement throughout high school; (3) original and creative expression of intellectual curiosity, engagement, and purpose in the application essay; and (4) strength of mentor/advisor/teacher references.  For more information or an application, visit the Tutwiler Scholars Program page.

What are UWA's Particular Talent or Ability Scholarships?

Find out more here.

Community College Transfer Scholarships

Academic Transfer Awards

Available to transfer students with a 3.0 or higher GPA. These awards are $2,000 per year and are renewable for up to two academic years with a minimum 3.0 GPA.  Must submit scholarship application. 

Phi Theta Kappa Awards

Available to entering transfer students with a 3.25 or higher GPA. These awards are $2,500 per year and are renewable for up to two academic years with a minimum 3.0 GPA.  Must submit scholarship application.

Presidential Awards

Available to entering transfer students with a minimum 3.0 GPA and the recommendation of the Community College President.  These awards are $2,750 per year and are renewable for up to two academic years with a minimum 3.0 GPA.  Must submit scholarship application.

In the event you qualify for more than one of the above scholarships, you will be awarded the one which is for the larger amount.

Other UWA Scholarships

Alumni Scholarships

Please visit the UWA Alumni Website for information about Alumni Scholarships and Applications. 

Academic Related Scholarships

  • Alabama Power: Available to full-time UWA junior and senior students majoring in Environmental Science. The recipient must be a legal resident of Alabama. Contact the Dean of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at (205) 652-3414.

  • Colquitt Language and Literature Memorial: Amount varies. Contact the Chair of Languages and Literature Department in the College of Liberal Arts at (205) 652-5492. 

  • Kelly Land Writing Competition: $1,000 one-time scholarship to entering freshman who has won the Kelly Land writing competition held during April of the student’s senior year. Contact the Department of Languages and Literature at (205) 652-3460. 

  • James Pate History Essay Competition Scholarship: $1,000 one-time scholarship to entering freshman who has won the James Pate History Essay Competition held during the student’s senior year. Contact Dr. Richard Schellhammer at (205) 652-3632. 

  • Darryl Hutcheson Memorial: Amount varies. Available to students majoring in technology in engineering technology. Contact the Dean of the College of Business and Technology at (205) 652-3687. 

  • Julia Tutwiler Scholarship Fund: Available to deserving students majoring in education. Contact the College of Education at (205) 652-5426 or visit the College of Education webpage for more information. 

  • Black Belt Teacher Corps: The Black Belt Teacher Corps is a scholarship program created to address teacher shortages in the Black Belt region. The Black Belt Teacher Corps enhances teacher recruitment, preparation, and retention to the field of education of offering tuition scholarships to the College of Education. Students commit to teaching in the Black Belt region for three years, leadership and service training, and completion of a school-based Service Project. Visit the Black Belt Teacher Corps website to learn more about the program. 

Other UWA Scholarships 

  • George W. and Elizabeth C. Skipper Fireman Scholarship: Available for students in Clark County Alabama who are willing to participate in the student firefighter program. Must maintain a 2.75 GPA. Contact June Gissendanner Skipper Insurance & Realty, P. O. Drawer 1098, Jackson, AL  36545 or (251) 231-0726.

  • Thomas P. Hester Scholarship: Available for students who are retired or honorably discharged veterans with preference given to those wounded while serving. Children and grandchildren of veterans are also eligible. For more information, contact the Office of Student Affairs at (205) 652-3581. 

  • UWA Cheerleading: $1,500 per year. For tryout dates and more information, contact Jason Gardner at (205) 652-3624.

  • UWA Band: Amount varies. For more information, please contact Adam Anderson, Interim Director of UWA Marching Band at (205) 652-5412. Audition required.

Outside UWA Scholarships

These scholarships require a separate application. Contact information required. 

  • Allyrae Wallace Educational Trust: Designated for students from Wilcox County, Alabama. Must contact by writing a letter of request (for application) to: Allyrae Wallace Educational Trust, PO Box 433, Camden, AL 36726.

  • American Legion Auxiliary: For an application, please write to: Executive Secretary, American Legion Auxiliary, Department of Alabama, 120 North Jackson Street, Montgomery, AL 36104.

  • J. L. Bedsole Scholars Program: A scholarship based on character and leadership. Student must be graduating from an accredited school in the following counties: Mobile, Clarke, Baldwin, Monroe, or Washington (graduates of Sweetwater High School also eligible). For more information, call (334) 432-3369 or email

  • Simpson Scholarship: Must be a resident of Wilcox County, AL and apply between January 1 and March 1 of the year of graduation from high school, Alabama Southern Community College or George Wallace Community College. For more information, visit:

  • United Daughters of the Confederacy: Must be a lineal descendant of an eligible Confederate (one who served honorably in the Confederate Army, Navy, or Civil Service or who gave Material Aid to the Cause). For more information, visit:

  • published an article on the best scholarship search platforms in 2018. For more information on additional scholarships, visit: