Jordan Delawrence

My name is Jordan Delawrence, and I am from Brewton, AL, where I attend TR Miller High School and graduated in 2019. From the first time I stepped on campus in 2019, I knew that UWA was the place for me. There is truly something about this place. It’s hard to explain. You just have to step on campus to understand it. As a first-generation student, FLi Society member and a TRIO SSS Scholar at UWA, I was in the choir and worked at the Julia Tutwiler library. Those experiences have taught me countless life lessons that I continue to use every day. I graduated UWA with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Favorite Place on Campus:  

My favorite place on campus is the UWA Fitness Center. The fitness center is where I clear my mind and challenge myself..

Favorite UWA Tradition: 

My favorite UWA tradition is Homecoming week. It’s a special time of year that brings people together and is where lifetime memories are made.

What do you love most about UWA:

What I love most about UWA is the sense of community. This is what brought me to UWA. The love and support that is shown is bar none.

Piece of Advice for Prospective Students:

Ask questions, communicate, stay focused and enjoy your college experience! From my experience at UWA, I’ve learned that asking questions and communicating are vital and can save you a lot of time. Staying focused on the task at hand is important. It’s okay to have fun, but don’t forget why you are here. Don’t be in a rush for college to be over, because before you know it, it will be.

Jordan Delawrence
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