James Banks Jr.

I am originally from Greensboro, Alabama, where I attended Greensboro High School. I transferred to UWA after attending my first year at another university. I missed my identical twin brother a lot after my first year of college on such a large campus. Hearing him speak so highly of UWA only made me want to visit and see the campus myself. After only being on campus for one hour, I knew that UWA was where I wanted to finish my college journey. As a student, I was a student ambassador, orientation leader, and member of the Delta Chi Fraternity. I completed an internship in Demopolis as a journalist for the Demopolis Times. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Integrated Marketing Communications. After seven years of traveling and working across the country, I am happy to be back on the campus where it all started!

Favorite Place on Campus:  

My favorite place on campus is the nature trails by Lake LU. I enjoy being outdoors and immersed in nature; Lake LU provides that serenity on campus. Nothing compares to a 30-minute walk through the trails to decompress and feel renewed, ready to return to work.

Favorite UWA Tradition: 

Without a doubt, Welcome Week is my favorite time on campus. This first week allows you to learn more about campus, meet new people, and settle in nicely. With a different event happening every day, there’s no excuse why you shouldn’t be out having fun!

What do you love most about UWA:

The walkable community is what I love most about UWA. While you can bring your car as a student at UWA, you won’t need to drive it much once you’re here. Livingston Town is terrific when it comes to walkability! You can easily walk to the University Cinema, restaurants, grocery stores, the pharmacy, and more. Save that gas for visiting home for the weekend, and get out and take a stroll around town.

Piece of Advice for Prospective Students:

Choosing a college/university can be a lot of pressure. However, it’s not a permanent decision! I encourage students to visit the campuses of universities you’re interested in and speak to some students who attend already. Try to take some notes to compare them to choose the best decision for yourself.

James Banks Jr.
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