Dual Enrollment Forms

Eligible high school students enrolled in school systems, homeschools and private schools with an active dual enrollment agreement with UWA are eligible to participate in the Dual Enrollment Program. All students who wish to participate in dual enrollment classes should discuss their interests with their parent(s)/guardian(s) and school counselor.

Campus-based students will follow the same procedures as online students to apply for Dual Enrollment and register for classes. You will complete a Dual Enrollment Application and a Course Registration Form. Dual Enrollment Applications do not have to be re-submitted each term. While you submit applications only once, you will submit the Dual Enrollment Course Registration Form each high school semester.

Be sure to review your course selections with your high school counselor to verify course availability. All completed forms are to be turned in to the high school counselor. Do not send the forms directly to UWA.

If you would like to speak with a Dual Enrollment counselor, please email de@uwa.edu.

A completed application will include:

  • Dual Enrollment Application
  • Official copy of high school transcript
  • Dual Enrollment Course Registration Form indicating the courses you want to enroll in for the upcoming term. You will complete this form each semester you participate in Dual Enrollment.
  • Preferred but not required: submit ACT with a minimum composite score of 19.
  • Students must meet additional individual course prerequisites in order to take English and Math courses.

UWA will use the information on the student’s Application and Course Registration Form to register students for classes. Students will receive an email confirming the courses registered for. Students should check their confirmation email AND verify courses on Self Service. UWA is not responsible for incorrect registration. If a student needs to change registration, they must submit a signed Change of Course Form.

Making Dual Enrollment Work for You

We offer dual enrollment courses at our Livingston campus and on selected high school campuses. If you take dual enrollment classes on your high school campus or on UWA’s campus, you are also eligible to take dual enrollment courses online, provided your school agrees to offer high school credit for the online course(s). Check with your school counselor to learn all the dual enrollment options available at your school.

The University of West Alabama has dual enrollment partnerships with:

  • Demopolis High School
  • University Charter School
  • Shelby County Board of Education
  • Victory Christian School
  • University Church Christian Academy
  • Brookwood High School Teacher Cadet
  • Pickens County Teacher Cadet
  • Dauphin Island Sea Lab

How Dual Enrollment Courses Translate to High School Credit

Campus dual enrollment classes are semester-long courses. Therefore, each dual enrollment class replaces one high school class. It is possible to take up to four campus dual enrollment courses in a semester. Please note that students attempting to complete college freshman year basic requirements should make sure to take classes that are required in a college basic curriculum. Otherwise, the courses might only count as electives at the college level. Also, keep in mind that colleges require some courses in sequence.

For example, a college might require two histories in a sequence (e.g., HY101 History of Western Civilization I and HY102 History of Western Civilization II) in order to meet the college’s basic history requirement. In that scenario, taking HY211 American History I or HY212 American History II would only count as one history and one elective because these courses are not in a sequence.

Below is an example of the translation of college credit to high school credit:

UWA TermUWA CourseHigh School Equivalent
Fall (August – December)EH 101 Written English IEnglish
Fall (August – December)HY 211 American History IAP US History
Spring (January – May)MH 113 Pre-Calculus AlgebraAP Algebra II

Dual Enrollment Admission Requirements

Students who express an interest in enrolling in the dual enrollment/dual credit program must:

  1. Be in grades 11 or 12 or have an exception granted by the University upon the recommendation of the student’s principal, superintendent, counselor, or school official.
  2. Have a “B” average, as defined by the high school policy, in completed high school courses.
  3. Preferred but not required: submit ACT with a minimum composite score of 19.
  4. Students must provide current high school transcripts as documentation of the student’s cumulative grade point average.
  5. Students must have the written approval of the appropriate principal or career and technical education program representative (if applicable), counselor, and superintendent. Dual Enrollment eligibility for students enrolled in private, home school, parochial, or church/religious secondary educational entities must be documented in writing by an appropriate school official. Approval from secondary school officials indicates that the student has demonstrated both academic readiness and social maturity.
  6. Students must provide all Dual Enrollment Application forms with appropriate signatures.
  7. Students must meet additional individual course prerequisites in order to take English and Math courses.
    • English 101 – minimum ACT of 19 on ACT English subscore
    • Math 113 – minimum ACT of 20 on ACT Math subscore
  8. Complete a Dual Enrollment Application. Attach a copy of your high school transcript and ACT results.