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Sports Psychology Minor

The UWA Sports Psychology minor is the scientific study of the psychological factors that are associated with participation and performance in sport. This structured, interdisciplinary minor utilizing the fields of Psychology, Exercise Science, Physical Education, and Athletic Training provide the student a unique opportunity to develop competencies in the field of sports psychology.

NOTE: Only two courses may overlap with the student’s major. Students must meet necessary prerequisites in the respective courses.
Requirements: 21 hours

Psychology Courses: 9 hours

  • PY 320. Abnormal Psychology (3)
  • PY 355. Learning and Motivation (3)
  • PY 415 or EX 415 . Sports Psychology (3)

Exercise Science/Physical Education Courses: 11 hours

  • AH 430. Psychological Aspects of Athletic Training (2)
  • PE 423. Adapted Physical Education (3)
  • PE 465. Psychology and Sociology of Human Performance (3)
  • Approved electives in exercise science, physical education, athletic training or psychology (3)

Practicum: 1 hour

  • PY 459 or EX 459 . Sports Psychology Practicum (1)