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Quick Facts

Legal Name: The University of West Alabama 

Employer Identification Number (EIN): 63-6001100

Address: The Choctaw Tavern
UWA Station 47
Livingston, Alabama, 35470

DUNS Number: 968832394

Type of Applicant: Public/State Controlled Institution of Higher Education

AOR (Authorized Organizational Representative): Mr. Rodney Granec
This is the designation for the person authorized to submit grants on behalf of the institution.

County: Sumter County

AL House of Representatives District: N/A

AL Senate District: N/A

U.S. Congressional District: AL-007

Fringe Benefits: The costs associated with providing benefits to University employees identified as sponsored-project staff are charged to sponsored projects as a specified percentage of salary and wages. Contact OSP for Fringe Benefit percentage amount.

Calculating Fringe Benefit Costs: Health Insurance contribution, Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Retirement Matching contribution

Students: Undergraduate Student Wages (Minimum Wage as of 7/24/09: $7.25)
Graduate Students Monthly Wage: $860

Stock Statements and Data

Information found here can be used by faculty or staff in developing grant proposals. While OSP makes every effort to keep information updated, we may not always have the time or assistance to give the most recent data in every circumstance. Documents here should be viewed as supporting material.

History of UWA
UWA Designations
Facilities & Capacity
Demographics of Service Area
Demographics of Schools in Service Area by County

Links to External Data

– links to sites that, when possible, reflect regional, state, and national data




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